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The Neuromuscular Junction Flow Chart....NEED HELP!!!!!
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For a more comfortable homework help experience, try

An action potential enters the presynaptic terminal-------> voltage-gated channels open and______&_______ions enter the presynaptic terminal------->_________ions cause_________to fuse with the presynaptic membrane-------->___________is liberated into the synaptic cleft-------->The neurotransmitter reacts with_________on the muscle membrane (Then it has 2 arrows split left and right)(LEFT SIDE) Channels open and the muscle membrane________---------> this produces an ______ ______ in the muscle membrane (RIGHT SIDE) The neurotransmitter is broken down by ______ _______in the synaptic cleft--------->________is taken up into the presynaptic cell.

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Reply# 1
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3 years ago

An action potential enters the presynaptic terminal--->Voltage-gated channels open and Sodium and Potassium ions enter the presynaptic terminal--->Sodium ions cause vesicular membrane to fuse with the presynaptic membrane---->Neurotransmitter is liberated into the synaptic cleft.

Acetylcholine is secreted into the cleft by the motor axon---> The neurotransmitter reacts with vesicles on the muscle membrane---->Channels open and the muscle membrane closes---> The neurotransmitter is broken down by presynaptic membrane in the synaptic cleft--->Neurotransmitter is taken up into the presynaptic cell.

Acetylcholine binding opens the channels and the muscle membrane becomes open--->This creates an action potential which travels along the muscle's surface--->The action potential travels down the neuron and stimulates voltage-sensitive ion channels--->Calcium ions are release into the sarcoplasm from the calcium channels--->Calcium binds to receptors--->Acetylchoine moves to expose the myosin binding sites on actin--->Cross bridge cycling causes the sarcomeres to contract--->Calcium is taken up into the sarcoplasmic reticulum to terminate the contraction.

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Reply# 2
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3 years ago

thank you so much...that helped a lot

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Reply# 3
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3 years ago

Duddy, Great work completing the flow chart!
I have seen this flow chart before. The exact flow chart is taken from -

The Tired Swimmer: A Case Study on the Nervous System
by Allison Russo, Morgan Falk, and Phil Stephens
Biology Department, Villanova University

I was able to fill in a few of the blanks when I was attempting to answer this but ended up having to turn to another A&P Textbook which clearly described the events taking place at the neuromuscular junction but not specific enough to complete the flow chart. So, I have to ask how were you able to complete the flow chart; did you use a website, a different textbook, or purebrain power and memory.

The actual original flowchart can be found at the link i posted above. I think it is a 3 - part case study.

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Reply# 4
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A month ago

Apparently these answers are wrong and a teacher is using them to catch his/her students.

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