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4 years ago
I just realized my physioex 9.0 exercise 12 sheet is due today and I dont think I have time to finish it because I have a million other things I need to do. If anybody has any of the answers and could help I would greatly greatly appreciate it! I really need to get it done. Im usually very good at staying on top of my work but this week has been hectic and this assignment completely slipped my mind! Here are the questions..

Activity 1
1. -
2. Explain where the epitope (antigenic determinant) is located.
3. Describe how a positive result is detected in this serological test.
4. How would the results be affected if a negative control gave a positive result?

Activity 2
1. Describe how you were able to determine what antigen is in the unknown well.
2. Why does the precipitan line form?
3. Did you think human serum albumin and bovine serum albumin would have epitopes in common?

Activity 3
1. Describe how the direct and indirect ELISA are different.
2. Discuss why a patient might test indeterminate.
3. How would your results have been affected if your negative control had given an inderterminate result?
4. Briefly describe the basic structure of antibodies.

Activity 4
1. Describe why the HIV Western blot is a more specific test than the indirect ELISA for HIV.
2. -
3. Briefly describe how the nitrocellulose strips were prepared before the patient samples were added to them.
4. Describe the importance of the washing steps in the procedure.
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4 years ago
2. Discuss why a patient might test indeterminate.

The patient might test indeterminate if they have not yet seroconverted or if they have not yet produced enough antibodies to yield a positive result.

3. How would your results have been affected if your negative control had given an inderterminate result?

If the negative control is positive, this invalidates of the results. It could be due to not enough washing in the washing steps to remove nonspecific binding.
could of, should of, would of...
topic author
4 years ago
Thank you!
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