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Physio Ex 8.0
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I am struggling with my PhysioEx. 8.0.  On the review sheets for exercise 3. I am in need of help for the following questions. 4. What is the difference between membrane irritability and membrane conductivity? 5. Why does a nerve's action potential increase slightly whan you add 1.0V to the threshold voltage and stimulate the nerve? 13. What is the relationship between size of a nerve and conduction velocity? 14. keeping your answer to question 13 in mind, draw an analogy between the nerves in the human body and electrical wires. 15. Hypothesize what types of animals would have the fastest conduction velocities.16. How does myelination affect nerve conduction velocity? Explain. 17. In the nerve conduction velocity experiment, if any of the nerves used were reversed in their placement on the stimulating and recording electrodes, would there be any differences seen in conduction velocity? Explain. Any help would be wonderful!!!

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Physio Ex 8.0
Feb 18, 2011

4) Irritability is the membranes ability to respond to stimuli and convert that stimuli into neural impulses. Membrane conductivity is the ability of the membrane to carry the neural impulses across the cell membrane until a synapse is reached.
5) A nerves action potential increases slightly when additional voltage is added due to the increased number of nerve fibers being stimulated.
13) A larger nerve will have a faster conduction velocity.
14) Larger electrical wire has less resistance to current flow and will conduct faster than smaller wire with increased resistance to current flow.
15) **Name some large sized animals here since larger animals in theory would contain large nerve cells.
16) Myelination speeds up nerve conduction velocity by causing the nerve impulse to jump across the cell membrane from one internode to another rather than be conducted across the entire cell membrane.

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