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5 years ago
Can someone please help me with some of these questions I am really having a hard time.

Nervous System 1: Membrane Potential

7. Would the gradients in question 4 promote or oppose the movement of CI- into the cell?

If it helps the the question to #4 is
a.What acts as a chemical force that pushes K+ out of the cell?
b.What force tends to pull K+ back into the cell

10. What will happen to the resting membran potential of an excitable cell if: (Write pos or neg to indicate which way the membrane potential would change.)

a. (arrow up)extracellar fluid concentration of K+
b. (arrow down)extracellar fluid concentration of K+
c. (arrow up) extracelluar fluid concentration of Na+
d. (arrow down) number of passive Na+ channels
e. open voltage-gated K+ channels
f. open voltage-gated Na+ channels
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5 years ago
Can't seem to find any of these answers in the solutions manual Undecided
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