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What are some of the major issues that prisons face today? What new issues might the future bring?
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4 years ago
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Three special problems facing corrections administrators today are health threats related to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), the aging of the prison population and the consequent health issues, and the unique problems of mentally ill prisoners. Each carries a spectacular price tag for health and treatment services that results in the consumption of disproportionate amounts of most prison budgets. In the future, special problems may include the housing of foreign terrorists, the emergence of new diseases that further tax prison health systems, or changes in public policy or the law that lead to increases in inmate populations (a condition that might overwhelm already crowded prisons and jails).
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4 years ago
Prisoners are expensive to keep.  They get admitted to a prison, and they don't have to do anything except follow orders, survive mob attacks from other prisoners, and they get fed.  Basically, the more prisoners, the more money government has divert from more pressing issues.
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