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How many Protons Neutrons and Electrons does Sulfur have?
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I'm doing a science project and I have to make an atom.
Of Sulfur and put the protons neutrons and electrons on it.

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How many Protons Neutrons and Electrons does Sulfur have?
2 years ago
Look on the periodic table of elements. The atomic number is the number of protons. By itself you can assume that it has the same number of electrons because there has to be an equal positive/negative charge.

Then knowing the amount of protons, look at the atomic mass of the atom. The atomic mass is total of the electrons, protons and neutrons added up.

But you don't really have to concern yourself so much with the mass of the electrons when figuring out how many neutrons there are because electrons are so miniscule.

Neutrons have just about the same mass as a proton. So what you do, is you see how many protons there are and you look at the atomic mass and you subtract the number of protons from the atomic mass, and that's the number of neutrons you have.

The atomic mass is that number with the decimal in it. You just round to the nearest whole number, and then subtract the number of protons. It's very simple.

But I don't have a periodic table of elements, and I won't help you cheat, but I do not mind telling you how to find the information for yourself.

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How many Protons Neutrons and Electrons does Sulfur have?
2 years ago

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