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amu lstd 302 quizes
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Does anyone have the amu lstd 302 criminal law quizes and exams? Need help very badly!

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Reply# 1
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A year ago

I have quiz 3&4 if you still need them.

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Reply# 2
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A year ago

I do please. Let me know if there is a class I might be able to provide for you.

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Reply# 3
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A year ago

This is the NEW FINAL......I was able to get my hands on it! does anyone have the Correct Answers for this New Final and the New Mid I posted above???

Thx for any assistance, I'll continue my hunt!!
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Part 1 of 1 -

Question 1 of 22   3.5 Points
A general attempt statute is one that:


   A. defines attempt very generally.   

   B. dictates only the punishment available for attempt.   

   C. defines attempt according to individual crimes.   

   D. sets forth attempt elements and applies them to any criminal offense.   

Question 2 of 22   3.5 Points
At common law, the criminal intent element of murder was malice aforethought.



Question 3 of 22   3.5 Points
Neither the federal government nor the Model Penal Code recognizes the crime of stalking.



Question 4 of 22   3.5 Points
A potential failure of proof or affirmative defense to false pretenses theft is that the victim did not transfer property in reliance on the defendant's statements.



Question 5 of 22   3.5 Points
Generally, an attendant circumstance of disturbing the peace is that the conduct take place in a specific location.



Question 6 of 22   3.5 Points
Unlawful assembly can be the predicate offense to:


   A. riot.   

   B. failure to disperse.   

   C. disorderly conduct.   

   D. criminal gang activity.   
Question 7 of 22   3.5 Points
Which of the following is prohibited as a terrorist crime in the US Code?


   A. Harboring or concealing terrorists.   

   B. Financing of terrorism.   

   C. Use of a weapon of mass destruction.   

   D. All of the above.   
Question 8 of 22   3.5 Points
Criminal statutes protecting the government are primarily found at the state level.



Question 9 of 22   3.5 Points
The substantial steps test is more likely to result in a conviction because it classifies as “substantial” those acts the other tests might consider only “preparatory.”



Question 10 of 22   3.5 Points
A deadly weapon is:


   A. any instrument that is specifically designed to cause death or serious bodily injury.   

   B. any instrument that can kill when used in a manner calculated to cause death or serious bodily injury.   

   C. any instrument that a defendant intends to cause death or serious bodily injury.   

   D. any instrument that the victim believes can cause death or serious bodily injury.   
Question 11 of 22   3.5 Points
The victim's lack of awareness of the defendant's threatened battery assault criminal act could operate as a failure of proof or affirmative defense.



Question 12 of 22   3.5 Points
If a defendant erroneously takes an item, believing it to belong to the defendant, that is:


   A. an affirmative defense based on consent.   

   B. an imperfect defense.   

   C. a mistake of fact defense.   

   D. not a defense to larceny theft.   
Question 13 of 22   3.5 Points
The first federal law prohibiting sedition was the Sedition Act, which was enacted in 1798.



Question 14 of 22   3.5 Points
Although there are many types of sabotage, generally sabotage is impeding the nation's ability to prepare for or participate in war or national defense.



Question 15 of 22   3.5 Points
The USA PATRIOT Act stands for United States of America Protecting Against Terrorists Regulating International Offenses and Torture Act of 2001.



Question 16 of 22   3.5 Points
Robert is convicted of 2nd degree robbery. He is sentenced using first degree felony sentencing guidelines after evidence is introduced that he committed his crime as a part of a gang-related incident. This is an example of:


   A. gang participation statute.   

   B. gang enhancement statute.   

   C. gang control statute.   

   D. civil gang injunction.   
Question 17 of 22   3.5 Points
If a statute prohibits conduct that involves an individual's assembling, or speech, the statute must be narrowly tailored and supported by a compelling government interest.



Question 18 of 22   3.5 Points
In many jurisdictions, the criminal intent element required for disorderly conduct is the specific intent or purposely to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or the reckless intent to cause a risk thereof.



Question 19 of 22   3.5 Points
Generally, an attendant circumstance of disturbing the peace is that the conduct take place in a specific location.



Question 20 of 22   3.5 Points
The criminal act element required for prostitution varies depending on the jurisdiction.



Question 21 of 22   15.0 Points
Explain the difference between international terrorism and domestic terrorism. Describe an example of each.

Discuss fully and list your references in Bluebook format.

Please note that your essay answer should contain a minimum of 250 words.
Question 22 of 22   15.0 Points
Please define “quality of life crimes.” What is the purpose of having these crimes in the statutes? What are some examples of these types of crimes?

Discuss fully and please list your references in Bluebook format.

Please note your essay answer should contain at least 250 words.

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