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Describe the three stages of urine production. Be sure to include how each stage
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Describe the three stages of urine production. Be sure to include how each stage relates to the structure of the nephron and why the composition of urine reveals information regarding the health of the body.

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A year ago

1. Filtration
   • first stage is the filtering of the blood
   • occurs in the renal corpuscle
   • removes water, sugar, amino acids, electrolytes, and other materials from the blood by moving the fluid out of the glomerulus and into Bowman's capsule
2. Reabsorption
   • begins after filtration when the filtrate passes through the four sections of the tubule
   • most of the water and some of the desirable substances, such as glucose and amino acids, are reabsorbed into the bloodstream
3. Secretion
   • final stage of urine production
   • occurs in the renal tubules
   • ammonia, uric acid, and other waste substances are added to the filtrate from the bloodstream

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