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Whats the latitude and longitude of the biome temperate deciduous forest?
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I'm doing my honors biology project and I need the latitude and longitude of the biome Temperate Deciduous Forest, but i cant find it.  
Does anyone know what it is?


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Whats the latitude and longitude of the biome temperate deciduous forest?
Sep 18, 2012

A biome is a type of biological habitat, not normally a specific place (a few rare biomes may occur only once).  Temperate deciduous forests are not rare and occur all over the world.  They occur at pretty much all longitudes except in the ocean, and at all temperate latitudes, both north and south.  If this is really an honors project, I hope you know what a temperate latitude is.

Two examples of such a biome would be the Great Smoky Mountains in the United States and the ancient forests of Poland.

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