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4 years ago
If an organism expresses a recessive phenotype, can you tell the genotype? Explain your answer by giving an example Please. Smiling Face with Open Mouth
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4 years ago
This is seriously one of the easiest things in biology to understand. Ill help, but you should really learn this.

An organism needs two recessice alleles in order to have a recessive genotype, for example rr. If an organism has two dominant alleles or a heterozygous (mixed) allele, then the trait is dominant (Rr and RR). So if its phenotype is recessive, its genotype must be homozygous (same) recessive rr.

Example: Jim has blonde hair, where blonde hair is recessive and brown hair is dominant (B and b). If Jim has blonde hair then his genotype is bb.
4 years ago
I just got done with this so like recessive is like little lowercase letter dominant is like big uppercase letters so say  you have a parent/organism with the phenotype ss that is a recessive phenotype the genotype would be ss because well do punnet squares your teacher should have taught you that hope I helped!
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