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4 years ago
A nurse is taking care of four different pediatric clients. The client with the greatest risk for dehydration is the:
1. 15-year-old working out in a weight room for an hour before football practice.
2. 10-year-old playing baseball outdoors in 85 degree heat.
3. 5-year-old refusing to eat because of a virus.
4. A newborn under a radiant warmer for an hour after the first bath.
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Sunshine ☀ ☼
4 years ago
did you get answer? curious myself. the baby needs the warmer but an hour may be too much. Five year old that doesnt eat bc of virus really just needs to drink.
Leaning toward the baby.
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4 years ago
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It's 2. A condition that increases the risk of insensible fluid loss places the child at risk for dehydration. Any of these situations can place the child at risk for dehydration but the child at greatest risk is the child playing baseball in direct heat, which will increase utilization of extracellular fluids more rapidly than the other situations.
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4 years ago
The newborn...
3 years ago
I agree that it is the child playing in 85 degrees
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