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Compare and contrast catabolic, anabolic, exergonic and endergonic reactions?
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I am having a lil trouble starting this. I know that the relation between the four has to do with Energy but I need help comparing them in the correct manner.

The original question is.
Compare and contrast the metabolic terms anabolic and catabolic to the energy terms exergonic and endergonic
Anabolic and catabolic , exergonic and endergonic are all related by ATP

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Compare and contrast catabolic, anabolic, exergonic and endergonic reactions?
Oct 12, 2012

Anabolic reactions are those where larger molecules are synthesised from basic molecules -Ex:-starch from glucose--ptoteins from Amino Acids---catabolic reactions are those where larger molecules are broken down to smaller molecules and end products.Ex:-Protein>Amino acids >urea. Exergonic=releasing energy---endergonic=Consuming  energy. ATP is used in synthesising Higher energy compounds--:Glucose+ATP>Glucose-6P+ADP-----ATP is formed when high energy compounds break down to low energy compounds--Ex:-Creatine-PO4+ ADP>> Creatine +ATP
Glucose-6P is missing in the main posting

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