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4 years ago
Discuss the principle aspects of Charles Horton Cooley's looking-glass self.
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Sunshine ☀ ☼
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4 years ago
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Cooley said that our sense of self develops from interaction with others. The looking-glass self concept has three elements:
(1) We imagine how we appear to those around us. We may feel others think of us as being good-looking or unattractive, intellectual or shallow, athletically gifted or inept.
(2) We interpret others' reactions. Do others desire my companionship because I am beautiful or handsome? Am I popular or despised because I am among the brightest students in the class? Does the fact that I am on the first string of our football team impress anyone?
(3) We develop a self-concept. Interpretations may result in the feeling that people like me and want to be with me, that I am a valuable person. Or, if I am blowing the curve on every exam, I may be rejected by my peers and feel awkward, developing a confused self-image.
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4 years ago
Sunshine ☀ ☼
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