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2 years ago
7) Multiple Choice
  The ultimate source of all new alleles is
  A. mutation in parent cells (asexual organisms) or in cells that produce gametes (sexual organisms).
  B. any form of mutation, regardless of the cell type.
  C. chromosomal duplication.
  D. genetic drift.
  E. natural selection.

9) Multiple Choice
  Thirty people are selected for a long-term mission to colonize a planet many light years away from Earth. The mission is successful and the population rapidly grows to several hundred individuals. However, certain genetic diseases are unusually common in this group, and their gene pool is quite different from that of the Earth population they have left behind. Which of the following phenomena has left its mark on this population?
  A. founder effect
  B. bottleneck effect
  C. gene flow
  D. high rates of mutation
  E. natural selection

10) Multiple Choice
  Which sentence best describes the true nature of natural selection?
  A. Survival of the fittest.
  B. Only the strongest survive.
  C. The strong eliminate the weak in the race for survival.
  D. Organisms change by random chance.
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2 years ago
7) A, all new alleles have to be made some where, and they have to be able to be transfered to the next generation, so they have to be in the sex cells of an organism.

9) A, this situation describes the founder effect. See the source for more details.

10) A, the traits best fitted to the environment survive.
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2 years ago
7. B
9. A
10. A
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