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describe how the frog heart and human heart differ anatomically

what does an extrasystole correspond to?  how did you induce an extrasystole on the ECG tracing?

why is it important that wave summation and tetanus do not occcur in the cardiac muscle?
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hows this:

1.   The frog heart is an amphibian heart and only has  three chambers in the heart, two atria and one ventricle. The ventricle is not fully separated.  Instead it's partly separated by the conus arteriosus. The blood is slightly mixed. The ventricle delivers oxygenated blood to the systemic and pulmocutaneous arteries.  The human, on the other hand, has a heart with four chambers, and the two ventricles are fully separated. The oxygenated blood from the lungs goes to the systemic aorta.

2.   An extrasystole corresponds to a premature contraction of one of the heart cavities.  To induce one on the ECG tracing you need to shock the heart during relaxation.
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3 years ago
 The main anatomical difference between the frog heart and the human heart is that the frog heart has
You correctly answered: c. a single, fused ventricle.

 An extrasystole corresponds to
You correctly answered: c. an extra ventricular contraction

Tetanus is not possible because external stimulation cannot increase the frequency of contraction until a
relaxation phase
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