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SOCI111 AMU Quiz # 6 (88%)
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Question 1 of 25    1.0 Points
Hunting and gathering societies which generate very little surplus food and material property are described by sociologists as ________ economies.
   A. welfare    
   B. capitalist    
   C. subsistence    
   D. socialist    

Question 2 of 25    1.0 Points
What is the sociological significance of developing surplus and trade?
   A. It fosters inequality    
   B. It establishes a new world order    
   C. It lowers prices    
   D. It eliminates primitive tribes    

Question 3 of 25    1.0 Points
The plow was to the agricultural society as the ________ was to the industrial society
   A. microchip    
   B. computer    
   C. decoding of double helix molecule    
   D. steam engine    

Question 4 of 25    1.0 Points
Today most governments issue money that is not backed by anything more than a promise to honor it "for all debts public and private." What is such currency called?
   A. gold standard currency    
   B. fiat money    
   C. warehouse cash    
   D. deposit receipt    

Question 5 of 25    1.0 Points
The linking of the world's nations by fast communications, transportation, and increased trade has created what sociologists refer to as ________.
   A. an open market    
   B. the global village    
   C. a new world order    
   D. the corporate universe    

Question 6 of 25    1.0 Points
What term did Durkheim use to refer to the sense of unity which comes from doing similar activities and directly sharing most aspects of life?
   A. organic solidarity    
   B. gesellschaft    
   C. mechanical solidarity    
   D. unchanging solidarity    

Question 7 of 25    1.0 Points
Sociologists use the term "________" to refer to the fundamental changes in society that occur as a result of vast numbers of women entering the work force.
   A. women's revolution    
   B. quiet revolution    
   C. women's rebellion    
   D. quiet insubordination    

Question 8 of 25    1.0 Points
Theorists who believe that corporations use profit as their moral guide, with no concern for how opening and closing factories affects workers, are most aligned with which sociological perspective?
   A. the conflict perspective    
   B. functionalism    
   C. symbolic interactionism    
   D. structuralism    

Question 9 of 25    1.0 Points
What is another term for power relations wherever they exist?
   A. politics    
   B. government    
   C. economics    
   D. nationalism    

Question 10 of 25    1.0 Points
For a government to be stable, what quality must exist?
   A. The government must have a large military force to back it.    
   B. The leader must be charismatic.    
   C. The government must be based on democratic principles.    
   D. The source of the power must be perceived as being legitimate.    

Question 11 of 25    1.0 Points
Which of the following best describes rational-legal authority?
   A. rule by custom and folkways    
   B. rule by the power of personality    
   C. rule by tradition    
   D. rule by written laws    

Question 12 of 25    1.0 Points
Max Weber used the term ________ to refer to the transition of authority from a charismatic leader to either a rational-legal authority or traditional authority.
   A. routinization of charisma    
   B. passing of the gavel    
   C. transfer of power    
   D. rationalization of leadership    

Question 13 of 25    1.0 Points
In the Kolondahar, a small group of high ranking military officers make the decisions that determine national policy. This form of government describes ________.
   A. a representative democracy    
   B. a fascist dictatorship    
   C. an oligarchy    
   D. a monarchy    

Question 14 of 25    1.0 Points
Which of the following power styles is the best example of totalitarianism?
   A. the Bush administration since the passage of the Patriot Act    
   B. Queen Elizabeth II's rule over England and Wales    
   C. tribal rule in villages of the Amazon River Basin.    
   D. Nazi Germany and the Gestapo    

Question 15 of 25    1.0 Points
Phong Lhu is a small business owner and a recently naturalized citizen of the United States. Since there are very few Vietnamese serving in public office, Phong Lhu will most likely vote in accord with ________.
   A. his interests as a member of an ethnic minority    
   B. his interests as a member of the small business community    
   C. his religious interests    
   D. those who share his social class position    

Question 16 of 25    1.0 Points
According to the functionalist perspective, what keeps the government of the United States from turning against its citizens?
   A. a fear of nationwide anarchy    
   B. political gridlock between the major parties    
   C. the pluralism in distributing power    
   D. the power of political action committees    

Question 17 of 25    1.0 Points
In a Native American tribe, what transpires when a male warrior takes on a berdache?
   A. He has passed the final test of being a warrior worthy of the tribe's respect.    
   B. He has accepted a spouse who is another man who now takes on all the responsibilities of a woman    
   C. He has taken a woman captured in warfare and made her the mother of his children.    
   D. He accepted the code of the tribe that demands he give his life for the tribe if need be    

Question 18 of 25    1.0 Points
Frank, Jim, Martha and Louise occupy the same apartment, share routine chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry and each contributes a share of their earnings to pay utilities and food costs. Sociologists would describe this group as a ________.
   A. family    
   B. household    
   C. patriarchy    
   D. clan    

Question 19 of 25    1.0 Points
Why do functionalists argue that the incest taboo is a nearly universal norm?
   A. It reinforces patriarchal authority.    
   B. Incest is universally regarded as a deviant act.    
   C. The incest taboo facilitates the socialization of children and avoids role confusion    
   D. It prevents the transference of genetic defects    

Question 20 of 25    1.0 Points
In the United States, what is the choice of a marriage partner most dependent upon?
   A. It is totally unpredictable because "love is blind."    
   B. It is based on individuals engaging in a rational cost/benefit analysis    
   C. It is highly influenced by pheromones.    
   D. It is influenced by age, education, class, race and religion    

Question 21 of 25    1.0 Points
Husbands remain primarily responsible for earning the income and wives are primarily responsible for the house and children. This is an arrangement sociologists call ________.
   A. sexism in American society    
   B. the gendered division of labor    
   C. techniques of resistance    
   D. the hidden curriculum    

Question 22 of 25    1.0 Points
In his research on family, what did sociologist Melvin Kohn discover about how parents socialize their children?
   A. They base it on the perception of how much money they will earn.    
   B. It is based on the tradition on which they were raised as children.    
   C. They follow the pattern of how other members of the same community raise their children.    
   D. It is primarily based upon the norms of their work environment.    

Question 23 of 25    1.0 Points
What is the main difference between cohabitation and marriage?
   A. The age at which people cohabitate usually ends at around 30    
   B. Cohabitation is never permanent whereas most marriages are.    
   C. There is a greater degree of financial and emotional commitment in marriage.    
   D. Marriage is a more fragile and more likely to end in separation.    

Question 24 of 25    1.0 Points
Which of the following couples is least likely to divorce within the first ten years of their marriage?
   A. Alice and Gregory who were teenage sweethearts and married when they were 22.    
   B. Becky and Frank who work at the shoe factory together on the assembly line.    
   C. Ruth and Chuck who, after a whirlwind romance, got married and had their first child six months later    
   D. Cathy and Tony who attend the same fundamentalist church and were married in their late 20s    

Question 25 of 25    1.0 Points
What do sociologists argue as being the factor most related to violence against women?
   A. the economy of a society    
   B. the legal framework of the society    
   C. the sexist structure of the society    
   D. the number of men in the society    


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SOCI111 AMU Quiz # 6 (88%)
A year ago

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SOCI111 AMU Quiz # 6 (88%)
A year ago
Thanks Happy Do you happen to have 3, 4, or 5? The blues

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Reply# 3
Posts: 2
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SOCI111 AMU Quiz # 6 (88%)
A year ago
Thanks Happy Do you happen to have 3, 4, or 5? The blues

If you look in the forum for Sociology you will find all the quizzes.

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