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3 years ago
ACTIVITY 7:  Isotonic Contractions and the Load-Velocity Relationship

1.   True or False:  A muscle that is contracting isometrically will fatigue much slower than one that is contracting isotonically. 

2.   If you were using your biceps muscles to curl a 7kg dumbbell, when would your muscles be contracting isotonically?
3.   Explain why the latent period became longer as the load became heavier in the experiment.

4.   Explain why the shortening velocity became slower as the load became heavier in this experiment.

5.   Explain why it would take you longer to perform 10 repetitions lifting a 10kg weight than it would to perform the same number of repetitions with a 5kg weight.

6.   Describe what would happen in the following experiment:  A
2.5g weight is attached to the end of the isolated whole skeletal muscle used in these experiments.  Simultaneously, the muscle is maximally stimulated by 8.5 volts and the platform supporting the weight is removed. 
a.   Will the muscle generate force?
b.   Will the muscle change length?
c.   What is the name for this type of contraction?
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