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Is the thirst sensation is part of a negative or positive feedback control system and defend your choice?
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When we begin to become dehydrated, we usually become thirsty, which causes us to drink fluids. Based on what you know about homeostatic systems, decide whether the thirst sensation is part of a negative or positive feedback control system and defend your choice.

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A year ago

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Negative feedback.
This is because when you are dehydrated it results in low blood pressure which in turn results in renin release from the juxtaglomerular apparatus. Renin reacts with angiotensinigen to become angiotensin 1 and then is converted to angiotensin 2 in the lungs. Angiotensin 2 causes a variety of effects, one being to stimulate the thirst center within the brain which causes the feeling of thirst and results in increased water intake. Once water has been intaken and blood pressure increases, this pathway is stopped, thus making it a negative feedback mechanism.

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