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Bio93 Midterm 1 TA Review-2
University of California - Irvine : UCI
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bio midterm
.Bio93 Midterm 1 TA Review Huy, Haley, and Alexa Use the figure below to answer the next two questions. Researchers were interested in how temperature and pH affect how oxygen dissolves in blood (P50) in iguanas. The higher the P50, the more oxygen is dissolved in blood. 1. Which of the following statements regarding the data is FALSE? A. At a given pH, temperature and P50 are positively correlated B. At 27oC, P50 and pH are negatively correlated C. The P50 at a pH of 7.3 and at 40oC is about 60 D. P50 does not depend on pH 2. Which of the following statements is supported by the data in the figure? a. Higher hydrogen ion concentrations is correlated with higher amounts of oxygen dissolved in blood b. Lower hydrogen ion concentrations is correlated with higher amounts of oxygen dissolved in blood c. Higher hydrogen ion concentrations result in higher amounts of oxygen dissolved in blood d. Lower hydrogen ion concentrations result in higher amounts of oxygen dissolved in blood 3. Scurvy is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, which results in weaker than normal bond formation in the alpha helices in the secondary structure of the protein collagen. What type of bond is being affected? a. Hydrogen b. Polar c. Covalent d. Peptide 4. A salamander relies on hydrogen bonding to stick to various surfaces. Therefore, a salamander would have the greatest difficulty clinging to a _____. a. Surface of mostly carbon-nitrogen bonds b. Surface of mostly carbon-oxygen bonds c. Slightly damp surface D. Surface of hydrocarbons 5 HIF-1 is a protein that is involved with cancer cell survival in low oxygen conditions. It contains two subunits. If it lost one subunit, what level of structure would it now have? a. Primary b. Secondary c. Tertiary d. Quaternary 6 You have a planar bilayer with equal amounts of saturated and unsaturated phospholipids. After testing the permeability of this membrane to glucose, you increase the proportion of unsaturated phospholipids in the bilayer. What will happen to the membrane's permeability to glucose? a. Permeability to glucose will stay the same. b. Permeability to glucose will increase. c. Permeability to glucose will decrease. d. You cannot predict the outcome. You simply have to make the measurement. 7 True/False? a. Ions are hydrophobic b. Polar molecules are hydrophilic c. Carbons readily form hydrogen bonds d. A carbon-carbon bond is an example of a polar covalent bond 8 Trypsin is an enzyme that works in the stomach to break down proteins into polypeptides. If trypsin were added to a solution containing protein you would expect to see: a. A decrease in number of water molecules over time b. An increase in the activation energy for the reaction c. A decrease the amount of trypsin over time d. An increase in the number of peptide bonds over time In a REAL study conducted by scientists, data was collected from 3000 randomly selected people about their physical attractiveness (ranked 1-5) and the sex of their first child. The results showed 9. that very attractive people (5/5) were statistically more likely than less attractive people to have a first-born girl. How many of the following statements are accurate conclusions from this study? A.Girls are more than attractive than boys. B.Attractiveness and ratio of first-born daughters are positively correlated. C.Parent’s attractiveness makes it more likely that their first-born will be a daughter. D.The study relied on both quantitative and qualitative measures of data. .
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