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Management PCQ3

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PCQ 3 Q1) Catherine is the sales manager at the Singapore-based multinational company. She has a reputation of being fair, helpful, and understanding. Susan, one of her subordinates, recalled how Catherine had even helped her overcome a personal crisis. Which of the following dimensions of leadership is Catherine displaying here? Answer Task orientation. Consideration Employee orientation Initiating structure Q2) Corporate governance ________. Answer refers to the negative influence of the corporation in society is a term that refers to legal agreements made between two or more partner firms. refers to executive governance practices in companies is a system used to govern a corporation so that the interests of corporate owners are protected Q3) Regina's colleagues and subordinates have a very high regard for her. They know that no one can get high-quality work done the way Regina can. She inspires her team to excel in their work, even exceeding their own expectations. What her subordinates like best about Regina is that they are free to discuss her decisions with her, even question her once in while if they are not sure about her strategy. Which of the following best describes Regina's leadership style? Answer Charismatic Transactional. Transformational Trait Q4) An organization communicates openly to its employees about violent incidences in the workplace and what's being done to handle them. This is an example of a ________ control strategy Answer proactive. feedback feedforwrad concurrent Q5) Which of the following is considered the most desirable type of control to prevent anticipated problems? Answer Feedback control Feedforward control Reactive control. Concurrent control Q6) Control techniques can be quite different for different countries. The differences are primarily in the: Answer types of tasks that employees perform in various countries strategic orientation of each technique. way employees respond to the controlling measures measurement and corrective action steps of the control process Q7) According to the University of Michigan studies leaders who are ________ were able to get group productivity and high group member satisfaction. Answer process-oriented production-oriented job-centered. employee-oriented Q8) In the context of managerial control, reduced cycle time refers to: Answer the reduced number of steps taken to complete an organisational process. a reduction in the amount resources used for recycling manufacturing by-products None of the suggested answers is correct. a reduction in the amount of time spent on recycling manufacturing by-products Q9) If a manager investigates how and why performance has deviated beyond the acceptable range of variation, and then corrects the source of the deviation, she is using ________. Answer concurrent control basic corrective action proactive corrective action bureaucratic control. Q10) Which of the following describes the leadership style in which a leader tends to centralize authority, dictate work methods, make unilateral decisions, and limit employee participation? Answer laissez-faire style autocratic style democratic style cultural style. Q11) The ________ style of leadership describes a leader who tends to involve employees in decision making, delegate authority, encourage participation in deciding work methods and goals, and use feedback as an opportunity for coaching employees. Answer Laissez-faire. Autocratic Cultural Democratic Q12) Persons who are able to influence others and who possess managerial authority are termed: Answer Leaders Entrepreneurs Organisers. Managers Q13) Which of the following are two of the three key situational factors Fiedler felt were important in determining leader effectiveness? Answer maturity of organization and task structure. leader-member relations and maturity of followers organizational success and position power task structure and leader-member relations Q14) ________ is the search for the best practices among competitors or non-competitors that lead to their superior performance Answer Benchmarking Total quality management. Market positioning Factor analysis Q15) Recognise from the following the control tool that provide managers with quantitative standards against which to measure and compare resource consumption. Answer Management information System (MIS) Benchmarks Budgets Balance scorecard. Q16) Researchers who trained student leaders to use charismatic nonverbal behaviors do not recommend ________. Answer avoiding eye contact having animated facial expressions having a relaxed posture leaning toward the follower when communicating. Q17) Which of the following is the major criticism of Fiedler's leadership model Answer It is unrealistic to assume that a person cannot change his/her leadership style to fit the situation None of the suggested answers. It is unrealistic to assume that people have different leadership styles It is unrealistic to assume that a person can change his/her leadership style to fit the situation' Q18) The ________ approach to performance measurement was introduced as a way to evaluate organizational performance from more than just the financial perspective. Answer balance scorecard economic value. market value financial control Q19) According to Hersey and Blanchard, a high task-low relationship situation calls for the ________ leadership style. Answer telling participating. selling delegating Q20) According to the University of Iowa behavioral studies, group members' satisfaction levels were generally ________. Answer higher under an autocratic leader in the long run higher under a democratic leader than under an autocratic one. maintained when the leader was autocratic in the short run improved when the leader was production oriented Identify which power arises because of a person's desirable resources or personal traits. Answer Referent power Legitimate power Expert power Reward power.

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