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Harry likes to be the center of attention in Ms. Long's Spanish II class. He makes off-task, funny remarks (in Spanish), exaggerates his pronunciation, and other silly behaviors that cause his peers to laugh. Despite his behavior, Harry is very good at Spanish. Ms. Long set up a system in which Harry's Spanish class can earn time to play a game to review their Spanish vocabulary for part of the period on Friday, contingent upon Harry having appropriate behavior during class on Monday - Thursday. This is an example of which type of group reinforcement system?
  a. independent
  b. interdependent
  c. dependent
  d. quasi-dependent

Ques. 2

A screening has several components such as (Circle all that apply.)
  A. physical examination by doctor/nurse.
  B. developmental history through parent interview.
  C. vision and hearing tests.
  D. assessment of child's general development.
  E. none of the above.

Ques. 3

The ongoing process of collecting data based on the individual's strengths, needs, preferences, and interests as they relate to the demands of current and future working, educational, living, and personal and social environments is known as
  A. curriculum-based assessment.
  B. transition assessment.
  C. performance-based assessment.
  D. vocational assessment.

Ques. 4

Students who work for tokens or points are being reinforced by what type of reinforcer?
  a. primary
  b. secondary
  c. intrinsic
  d. none of the above

Ques. 5

Post-school activities can include (Circle all that apply.)
  A. continuing and adult education.
  B. community participation.
  C. vocational training.
  D. independent living.

Ques. 6

Mr. Price was using differential reinforcement of zero levels of behavior to reduce Sam's severely disruptive behavior during math. On the first day that the intervention was in place, Sam exhibited no disruptive behavior, but he also did no work. What should Mr. Price do?
  a. Withhold reinforcement because Sam did not do his work.
  b. Deliver reinforcement as long as Sam exhibited no disruptive behavior.
  c. Discuss with Sam about the importance of doing his work.
  d. Send Sam to the office for not doing his work.

Ques. 7

If this problem (Sam not doing his work) continues, what should Mr. Price do?
  a. Continue the DRO intervention as is.
  b. Continue the DRO intervention, but add a time-out consequence for not doing his work.
  c. Continue the DRO intervention, and use extinction for not doing his work.
  d. Continue the DRO intervention, and add a DRI intervention for work completion.

Ques. 8

Behaviors that intelligence tests do not sample include (Circle all that apply.)
  A. cognitive processing.
  B. multiple intelligences.
  C. gross motor skills.
  D. triarchic abilities.

Ques. 9

Referring to the student described in question 5, Ms. Preston should have attempted which of the following interventions?
  a. seclusionary time-out and response cost
  b. extinction and response cost
  c. antecedent interventions and proximity control
  d. all of the above would have been appropriate for Ms. Preston to use


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