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Scholars who study the family see different scenarios being played out in the future. Which of the following was mentioned by Gerson?
  a. A rising tide of opt-out mothers returning to the values of traditionalism, especially among educated women.
  b. A rising number of single adults who will never married because of a decline in c. A great blending of the values of commitment with the modern values of gender-equality and work-family balance.
  d. All of the above.

Question 2

Which of the following reasons was NOT mentioned by Gerson as a central desire of children of the gender revolution?
  a. The ability to personal craft their own careers.
  b. To transcend the boundaries between work and home, both spatially and temporally.
  c. To reject rigid forms of better and worse family forms.
  d. To return to more traditional forms of family that existed before the revolution where both men's and women's roles were more clearly defined.

Question 3

For the men in Gerson's study, they would feel best in a marital relationship that
  a. made them the only breadwinner and the power of the family unit.
  b. still included them as the primary breadwinner, but softened some of the boundaries of the traditional marriage so that they could also provide some caring for children.
  c. made them a more central but not the central-- role in the caretaking of the children, and a more egalitarian role in making a living for the family.
  d. is egalitarian in both earning a living and taking care of the children.

Question 4

Which is NOT a reason why young women of today in Gerson's study are seeking a life of self-reliance?
  a. Given the fragility of the marital relationship, women see relying on a man for economic support as foolhardy.
  b. Women seek self-reliance because it gives them a strong identity in their ties to paid work.
  c. Women want to opt-out of the work world for marriage and workplace because that's where they see their self-reliance most embedded.
  d. These women are concerned about the role of domesticity not providing them with enough of a sense of self-reliance.

Question 5

Much has been written that the American family is broken. People cite rising divorce rates, unhappy marriages, and declining income to take care of the family. Given this, among the respondents in Gerson's study, an overwhelming number of them see in their future
  a. No need to get married and to have a stable relationship.
  b. A life-long intimate bond with one individual.
  c. A need to live with another person for economic and emotional reasons, but no reason to get married.
  d. A desire to return to a more traditional marriage where women stay at home to take care of the children and men are the primary breadwinners.

Question 6

Generally speaking, in Gerson's study, in two-parents families characterized by gender flexibility where the mother decided to take a job and pursue a career,
  a. less sharing of responsibilities and parental satisfaction was the result.
  b. the father became jealous of the mother's earning potential and more family strife ensued.
  c. the mother was still left to do the household chores and resented the arrangement.
  d. Gerson did not mention any of the above in terms of these types of families.


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