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Agricultural Biotechnology

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Agricultural biotechnology has successfully altered the food that we eat and even the way that we eat it. Scientists have produced cows that make more milk and in turn, are able to make that milk last longer in our refrigerators. They have used plant biotechnology to grow bigger, longer lasting vegetables. They have even produced plants that can fight diseases or environmental conditions that would have wiped out entire crops in the past. Agricultural biotechnology has improved the quality and quantity of food that we eat. For instance, our tomato plants are stronger and we have more varieties available, thanks in part to plant biotechnology.

Agricultural biotechnology has made advancements in the Health and productivity of farm animals. Thanks to research in these fields, chickens may produce more eggs, cows may have more offspring and sheep’s wool may grow faster. If the wait for sheep’s wool to grow is decreased, so to is the necessity for more sheep. By reducing the amount of sheep necessary to produce the needed wool, we are also decreasing the resources needed to sustain those animals. Those saved resources may be used for other farm animals or even for people.

Agricultural biotechnology has been able to prevent some starvation in third world countries. Through the study of plant biotechnology, they have found ways to make crops stronger. For instance, imagine a village that experiences extreme drought with great frequency throughout the year. In the past, it would have been difficult for that village to sustain life with the limited crops available for growth in drought areas. However, the study of plant biotechnology, has produced a varied array of plants that not only survive drought, but thrive in it. In the past, that village may have suffered from a deficiency in vitamin C because they had no food that contained that vitamin. However, advancements in agricultural biotechnology have produced plants that are more hardy, and therefore that village now has a wider array of vitamin rich food available to them. The village is now able to sustain life with the crops that they can grow on their own. They may even have enough to sell to other villages, thereby aiding their economy as well.

The field of agricultural biotechnology has made many advancements in enriching and protecting our food sources. Plant biotechnology has made plants stronger and we are now offered a wider variety of choice in fruits and vegetables. In the past you may not have been able to grow a certain crop in a certain geographical area, however that is becoming less true with advancements made in plant biotechnology. As a direct result of improved plant health, there is a positive impact on human health. It must also be noted, that a wider variety of crop choice may also increase production for farmers, thereby increasing their profits and helping the economy. The positive ripple effects of Agricultural biotechnology can be felt worldwide.
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