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Environemental Issues

There are many environmental issues that deserve attention. One of the greatest issues for the environment and for public health, is the availability of clean drinking water. There are many countries that have scare natural supplies of fresh water. In addition, there are countries whose supply of clean drinking water is extremely limited. Solutions to several problems are necessary in order to insure clean drinking water worldwide. First, those countries with limited access to fresh water sources, need to find ways to convert salt water into fresh, clean water. Next, those countries with polluted water, must find a way to clean their water and prevent future pollution. Clean drinking water is an environmental issues that deserves all of our attention.

There have been some advances in third world countries with regard to clean drinking water. Villages that previously had no clean water, are now able to get it thanks to cooperation with surrounding areas. It should be noted, that some villages were not educated as to the correlation between clean water and individual health. If a population is not knowledgeable as to the importance of an environmental issue, they are not likely to do anything to change. If however, we educate the general public with regards to environmental issues and their effect on our health, we are more likely to achieve positive results.

An example of the necessity of clean water is the current situation in Haiti. They are currently experiencing many environmental issues, not the least of which, is the scarcity of clean drinking water. Those that survived the initial quake and its aftershocks, struggled to find food, medicine and water. Many additional lives were lost because they did not have clean drinking water available. The environment in Haiti changed as a direct result of the earthquake. While there may have been limited sources of clean drinking water available before the quake, it was almost non existent afterwards. The devastation in Haiti become quite clear when we think of people dieing simply because they do not have water. It is a horror to watch people that have survived such enormous devastation, lose their lives for something so many of us take for granted. We often take out tap for granted. We turn it on, clean water comes out. However, that can change in an instant. It takes such a small amount of pollution to destroy the portability of water.

Environmentally issues are important for the survival of this planet and its inhabitants. The environment is a work in process and it constantly changes. While we may not be able to effect some of those changes, we can prevent destruction caused by humans. Pollution is one of the greatest threats to the environment and it is a direct effect of our actions. The availability of clean drinking water is an environmental issue that effects all of us. The health of the environment has a direct correlation with our health. If we live in an area with high rates of pollution, we are more likely to get ill and have a shorter life span. However, if we live an environment that is healthy and thriving, we do will thrive.
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