Which 'study break' activity do you find most distracting?
Talking / texting
Playing video games
Listening to music
Watching TV
Browsing the web
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When will my paid membership activate?

Your upgraded membership should activate within minutes of purchase. Short delays are expected, although most transactions are processed instantly. Hence, please allow at least ten minutes to pass before contacting us about inactivated accounts.

My paid membership is still not active, what should I do?

Contact us right away. We take this matter seriously. To help us help you, however, please include the following information in your message:

  • The type of membership you purchased
  • The date it was purchased
  • The transaction ID
  • The email address associated with your account
  • Your forum username

We will get back to you typically within 24 hours.

Does Biology Discussion Forums offer refunds on paid memberships?

Due to the sensitivity of the content, we do not offer refunds if a user has viewed a "Best Answer" upon purchasing, downloaded any locked document, or used any of their purchased credits. Our system will recognize if any of these three events have occurred under your account.


How secure is my purchase of paid memberships?

We take credit card fraud very seriously and every purchased placed through this site is secured by encryption technology. Every payment is also logged with the IP address of the computer submitting the payment and any fraudulent transactions will be dealt with using the full extent of the law.

Furthermore, we do not store any of your credit card information on our server. It is protected under the trust of our credit card processing system, Stripe.com.


What are posting credits and how are they earned?

Credits are a form of currency that can be used towards starting new topics and posts. You lose 5 Credits per every new topic you create, and earn 4 Credits every time you reply. If you're not the first member to reply to a topic, but are second or third to do so, you will earn 2 Credits; keep in mind that this only applies if the board you post in is configured to award you credits on replies. Additionally, these values vary based on the board you post in; it's up to you to find out which ones earn you the most.

If you run out of credits, there are several ways to earn more. Ideally, we recommend that you spend time at the forum and contribute by helping other members with their questions. We assure you that if you do this, you will never run out. Here are other ways you could earn more:

Posting images into the gallery

Earn 5 Credits for every image added to this gallery.

2 additional Credits are allotted for every comment made on an image.

Play a game at the arcade

2 Credits are alloted everytime you submit a score.

Purchase a credit pack

If you don't feel like contributing, here's the easy way out.


Where does Biology Forums - Master Your Courses get its content?

Biology Forums - Master Your Courses has developed a unique piece of software that scours the internet for valuable educational material such as homework solutions, lecture notes and exams. This program organizes the content by category, and we provide them to you with our easy to use Biology-Forums.com interface. Biology Forums - Master Your Courses has also started purchasing old homework solutions from students around the globe. We have already purchased over 100,000 solutions that are currently available through our service.

Additionally, with hundreds of questions asked daily by members, new content is constantly being added to our database for studuents to use as reference when tackling their own homework questions.

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