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For Students
Biology Forums - Master Your Courses is a tool that can be used in many different ways. Below are some suggested uses of our material.
Homework Solutions:
  • Help you on a problem when you get stuck
  • Double check your answers
  • Review unassigned homework problems and answers
Lecture Notes:
  • Review material you may have missed
  • Find alternative ways to explain a difficult topic
  • See how other professors at different universities teach their courses
  • Practice for your midterms and finals
  • See how difficult other universities make their exams
For Teachers
Many teachers use Biology Forums - Master Your Courses to prepare for their classes. Just as students gain an advantage by having more resources at their disposal, teachers find our community useful for brushing up on a subject, developing lesson plans, lecture notes, and/or exams.
Homework Solutions:
  • Help grade homework assignments
  • Find out how someone else solves a particular problem
Lecture Notes:
  • Brush up on your course material
  • Give you ideas for your own lecture notes
  • See how other professors at different universities teach their courses
  • Find ideas for your own examinations
  • Gauge the relative level of difficulty for your exams as compared to other Universities
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