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Title: Can anyone answer the following questions i have attached a image
Post by: trustme on May 19, 2020
Can anyone please answer the questions i have attached an image

Q. You are studying a very short protein-encoding region whose sequence is shown below.
The region of sequence shown is from the transcriptional start site to the transcriptional stop
site. This region encodes two different polypeptides. The region's one small intron is shown
for you in bold. (4 Marks)
a) What are the sizes of the two polypeptides?
b) Which strand is used as a template in transcription for the smaller polypeptide, the upper
strand or the lower strand?
c) How many nucleotides long would the final processed mRNA made from this gene be (not
including the 5' cap and the 3' polyA tail)?
d) What is the sequence of the smaller polypeptide?
Q2. a) An enzyme telomerase is not functioning in germ cells, what will be the length of the
chromosome after multiple rounds of replication (0.5 Marks)
b) Some organisms such as bacteria and viruses have circular not linear chromosomes.
Explain how having a circular chromosome could solve the problem discussed in the above
question. (0.5 Marks)

Title: Re: Can anyone answer the following questions i have attached a image
Post by: habiba on May 19, 2020
Hello trustme (;u=909957)!

Here are the answers

( (;sa=view&id=41687)

Let us know if you can use a little more help