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This question belongs to chapter 6 master budget and responsibility accounting . Kindly answer all questions asap

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Tiny Toons was established on January 1, 2022 -
capitalized though the issuance of common shares
for $85,000. Tiny Toons produces miniature, plastic
cartoon characters
Their 2022 estimated sales are 50,000 units at $120
per unit. Tiny Toons desires an ending inventory of
5,000 units and there is no beginning inventory.
30% of sales are cash and 70% are credit card. The
credit card charges a 3% service charge, with 80%
of the credit card sales are collected in the current
period and 20% in the following period.
90% of the raw material purchases are paid for
during the period of purchase, 10% paid in the
following period. Materials cost $100 per unit and
Tiny Toons desires an ending inventory for raw
materials of 25 units. It takes 0.05 units of raw
materials to produce one miniature, plastic cartoon
Direct Labour Costs are paid in the period incurred
and are $20 per hour and it takes 1 and 1/2 hours to
produce one unit. Manufacturing overhead is
allocated based on direct labour hours at $30 per
Manufacturing equipment cost $35,000, salvage
value $5,000, 5 year useful life
All overhead costs (excluding depreciation) are paid
in the period incurred as follows: Salary expense
$150,000, Sales Commissions $175,000, Sales
Supplies $25,000, Rent $75,000 and miscellaneous
expenses of $5,000.
They require a cash balance of $601,100 and to
maintain this cash balance, a line of credit is
available for 3% per annum. Note: All borrowings
and repayments occur on the first day of the period.

1. Prepare a Sales Budget (3 marks)
Production Budget (5 marks)
2. Prepare a
3. Prepare a
Raw Materials Budget (10 marks)
Direct Manufacturing Labour Budget (5
4. Prepare a
Manufacturing Overhead Budget (3
5. Prepare a
6. Prepare a Cost of Goods Manufactured Budget
and a unit cost (7 marks)
7. Prepared a Selling, General and Administrative
Expenses Budget (6 marks)
8. Prepare a Proforma Income Statement (7 marks)
9. Prepare a Cash Receipts Schedule (4 marks)
10. Prepare a Credit Cards Proforma Data Schedule
(3 marks)
11. Prepare a Cash Payments Budget (4 marks)
12. Prepare proforma data for accounts payable, raw
material inventory and accumulated deprecation,
Finished Goods Inventory December 31, 2022
and Cost of Goods Sold (5 marks)
13. Prepare a Cash Budget (21 marks)
14. Prepare a Proforma Balance Sheet (17 marks)
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Whether you are likely to meet your grade goal or not, you must have at least one accomplishment from this semester, either in this class or any of your other classes or may be at where you work.
Using the template on the following slide , outline , in bullet point sentences , your accomplishment story.
a) start by stating what the accomplishment was.
b) outline the nature of the circumstances you faced
c) describe the steps that you took
d) Describe the outcome you achieved
Write one question about being an entrepreneur that you can ask our guest speaker?
1) what is the primary function of insurance?  2) how can individuals benefit from insurance?  3) what is meant by term liability??
People tend to put off the decision to purchase insurance. They might argue that they cannot afford it. They do not want to sacrifice any other type of spending so that they could afford to pay for insurance. Describe your own behaviour when it comes to purchasing any type of insurance. If you do not have any insurance. Why not??                                      Points to remember- 1) i am college student in final semester ( international student canada) and final semester is about to finish   2) so write according to it
In addition to your employer contribution, you contribute a set amount of money to your retirement income plan. What kind Of plan is it?
a. registered retirement savings plan
b. defined benefit plan
c. mandatory retirement plan
d. defined contribution plan
Why do organisations use groups instead of individuals to make selection decisions during the recruitment and selection process?
Would you recommend investing in enbridge inc ? Why or why not? Explain in detail
Discuss the trends you notice about the enbridge inc stock….
Answer each question correctly , one can choose enbridge inc or any other stock exchange company.

1. Tell me the name of the company, and their stock symbol. 2. Which stock exchange do they belong to? (ex. NYSE or TSX) 3. What products or services does this company provide? Describe the company 4. Choose a date. Tell me the date and the closing price for this company. The date must be between October Table of Contents
escribe the company. 4. Choose a date. Tell me the date and the closing price for this company. The date must be between October 29 and November 4, 2021. 5. Go back one year in time and tell me the stock price on the same date in 2020. Go back five years in time and tell me the stock price on the same date in 2016. 6. Discuss the trends that you notice about this particular stock. 7. Would you recommend investing in this company? Why or why not? Responses will be submitted as an attachment either in .docx or .pdf format. Table of
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