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There should generally be correspondence in the client's file establishing the uncollectibility of their account.

▸ true

▸ false
Which of the following is not an underlying principle related to risk assessment?

▸ The organization should have clear objectives in order to be able to identify and assess the risks relating to the objectives.

▸ The auditors should determine how the company's risks should be managed.

▸ The organization should consider the potential for fraudulent behavior.

▸ The organization should monitor changes that could impact internal controls.
List and briefly describe cases and examples of fraudulent financial reporting.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is an example of a statutory law passed by the U.S. Congress which affects auditors.

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In her term paper, Shireen discussed how British kings and queens historically traced their authority from God and members of subordinate classes obeyed the leader's edicts out of economic and political dependency and sometimes personal loyalty. What was Shireen illustrating in this essay?

coercive authority

rational-legal authority

traditional authority

charismatic authority
For her class presentation, Janessa decides to discuss Marx's theory of social stratification and social change with particular emphasis given to the force that drives it. What will Janessa focus on?

economic inequality

the petite bourgeoisie

class conflict

wealth accumulation
Through his experiments, Solomon Asch demonstrated how we tend to obey those in power, even if the authority structure is new and artificial.

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Which research method places the most emphasis on understanding the members of a group from their own point of view?

unobtrusive measurement

survey research

the experiment

participant observation
Prime rate is the ________.

▸ lowest rate of interest that banks charge for short-term loans

▸ average rate of interest charged by banks on their customers

▸ interest rate that the Federal Reserve charges on loans

▸ interest that the Federal Reserve pays for deposits

▸ interest rate banks charge to their least creditworthy customers
Which of the following is a digital tool that produces finished or near finished sentences?

▸ Automated writing

▸ Social communication

▸ Augmented writing

▸ Segmented writing

▸ Predictive engines
According to Maslow, what type of motivational need is the need to become everything one can be?

▸ Self-actualization

▸ Physiological

▸ Safety

▸ Psychological

▸ Esteem
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________ Marketing focuses on attraction as opposed to interruption.

▸ Inbound

▸ *
The most important factor affecting the market price of a put or call is the

▸ market interest rate.

▸ expiration date.

▸ price behavior of the underlying common stock.

▸ price behavior of the corresponding warrant.
Fundamental analysis is based on the presumption that the value of a stock is influenced by the financial performance of the issuing company.

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