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Rules-of-thumb exist concerning the strength of a correlation based on its absolute size.

▸ true

▸ false
The five basic types of statistical analysis techniques are progressively more complex and can be used to convert raw data into increasingly more useful information as they increase in complexity.

▸ true

▸ false
The two most critical aspects of questionnaire organization are the actual flow of questions in the questionnaire body and screening of the respondent.

▸ true

▸ false
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of computer-assisted questionnaire design software?

▸ Are easier, faster, and friendlier than using a word processor.

▸ Provide significant functionality.

▸ Facilitate data analysis.

▸ Ensure unbiased questions.
________ is NOT one of the important advantages associated with self-administered surveys.

▸ Reduced cost

▸ Respondent control

▸ Reduced interview evaluation apprehension

▸ Enhanced monitoring ability
Syndicated data are a form of external primary data that are supplied from a common database to subscribers for a long-term service fee.

▸ true

▸ false
You can create a custom interface by changing the options for the Navigation Pane.

▸ true

▸ false
A(n) ________ is a file format that prevents users from creating forms and reports or making design changes to forms, reports, and macros while performing other regular database tasks.

▸ split database

▸ SQL database

▸ ACCDB file

▸ ACCDE file
All concepts of student collaboration should not include:

▸ working with small groups

▸ group grades

▸ individual accountability

▸ support from the teacher
The four models of the curriculum presented in the chapter are the:

▸ Anderson, Johnson, Taba and Vazquez models

▸ Havighurst, Lowery, Tyler and Higgins models

▸ Taba, Tyler, Gordon Taylor and Oliva models

▸ Johnson, Vazquez, Gordon Taylor and Oliva models
Team task roles as perceived by Kenneth D. Benne and Paul Sheats (1948) includes all the following except:

▸ information seeker

▸ information giver

▸ energizer

▸ harmonizer
The ability to travel rapidly over the Earth is expected to have what effect on human populations?

▸ the differentiation between populations with decrease

▸ the differentiation between populations with increase

▸ the differentiation between populations with remain steady

▸ human populations will diverge from each other

▸ none of these is expected to result from rapid global travel
Use the following information to answer the question(s) below.

A home appraisal company would like to develop a regression model that would predict the selling price of a house based on the age of the house in years (Age), the living area of the house in square feet (Living Area) and the number of bedrooms (Bedrooms). The following Excel output shows the partially completed regression output from a random sample of homes that have recently sold.

The number of homes that were included in the sample is ________.

▸ 11

▸ 14

▸ 15

▸ 16
Wells Fargo Bank would like to determine if a difference exists in the average credit score between residents of the states of Texas, Alaska, and Iowa and also investigate if age plays a role in credit score. The credit scores from a random sample of residents from each state was recorded and residents were categorized as being under 40 years old or 40 years and older. A two-way ANOVA was conducted using α = 0.05 with Factor A assigned the state residence and Factor B assigned the age group. The results are shown below.


The number of replications for this two-way ANOVA procedure is ________.

▸ 1

▸ 2

▸ 6

▸ 30
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