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Group members combine different skills and knowledge to make better decisions (process gain). Groups can make better decisions than individuals because group members can contribute more knowledge and a diversity of perspectives. Groups will tend to generate more options as well, which can lead to better solutions. Some advantages of group decision making include the following: greater sum total of knowledge, greater number of approaches to the problem, greater number of alternatives, increased acceptance of a decision, and better comprehension of a problem and decision.
Which of the following represents visual reports designed to make key research results understood quickly and easily?

▸ Videos

▸ Graphs

▸ Charts

▸ Infographics
What are some alternate ways researchers may report findings? What are some important things researchers have to keep in mind when using alternate or innovative reporting vehicles?
A researcher must work with a number of ________ of the various levels of the dependent variable paired with different levels of the independent variable to compute (intercept) and (slope).

▸ observations

▸ large samples

▸ small samples

▸ survey responses
Two sampling situations raise special considerations-sampling from small populations and sample size when using a nonprobability sampling method. Describe each of these two situations and the way these sampling situations are best approached.
Which of the following is NOT a type of probability sampling?

▸ Simple random sample

▸ Simple targeted sample

▸ Systematic sampling

▸ Cluster sampling
Which type of research is undertaken to gather background information and data that may be helpful in properly defining the problem decision?

▸ Causal research

▸ Informal research

▸ Descriptive research

▸ Exploratory research
A split form displays data in two views from the same source.

▸ true

▸ false
A(n) ________ form displays the data from an underlying table or query on multiple pages.

▸ multi-page

▸ *
________ functions group and perform calculations on multiple fields in a report.

▸ Aggregate

▸ *
Curriculum planners engage in various types of evaluation and research. Among the types of evaluation are:

▸ input, product, electronic, and formative

▸ context, input, process, and product

▸ context, process, electronic, and formative

▸ formative, summative, electronic and standardized
According to the text, curriculum principles may be viewed as all except:

▸ half-truths

▸ whole truths

▸ partial truths

▸ hypotheses
Provide a reasonable explanation for the discovery of a gene in the human genome that has no homolog in chimpanzees, but does have homologs with E. coli and other bacteria.
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