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Which of the following is NOT an advantage of obtaining certification as a professional marketing researcher?

▸ Puts researchers in a select group of like-minded professionals

▸ Would be able to charge higher fees for their services

▸ A visible badge of distinction, demonstrating professional skill, commitment, and dedication

▸ Have taken training in both the research and legal fields
Query criteria must be set in the ________ View of a query.

▸ Design

▸ *
If bacteria containing non-recombinant pUC18 are plated on X-gal medium, would colonies appear blue or white colonies or both?

▸ blue

▸ *
Which lists the potential steps for genetic therapy for mice with sickle cell disease (βSS) in the correct order?

I.Differentiation of iPS cells into hematopoietic progenitor (HP) cells by infecting with retrovirus 
expressing HoxB4.
II.Reprogramming tail fibroblasts into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells by infecting them with 
viral vectors containing transcription factors.
III.Infection with a viral vector expressing Cre recombinase to remove transcription factor(s) from 
from iPS cells.
IV.Transplantation of corrected (βA/βA) hematopoietic cells back into irradiated mice.
V.Homologous recombination with βS and wild-type βA allele via CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing.

▸ I, II, III, V, IV

▸ II, III, V, I, IV

▸ V, III, IV, I, II

▸ V, III, I, IV, II

▸ II, III, IV, V, I
What role do chromatin remodelers play in eukaryotic gene expression?
Nationwide Insurance would like to perform a chi-square test to investigate whether a difference exists in the proportion of male and female teenagers who text while they drive. A random sample of 80 male teenagers found that 50 indicated they texted while driving. A random sample of 120 female teenagers found that 65 indicated they texted while driving. The expected frequency of male teenagers who text is ________.

▸ 30

▸ 34

▸ 46

▸ 50
The total time that customers spend in line and being checked out by the cashier at a grocery store follows the uniform probability distribution between 4 and 13 minutes. What is the probability that a randomly selected customer will spend between 5 and 9 minutes waiting in line and being checked out?
Cars arrive at a fast food drive-through at an average rate of 43.4 per hour. Assume that the time between arrivals follows the exponential distribution. What is the probability that a randomly selected car will arrive more than 5 minutes after the previous car?
A woman with Type 1 diabetes is considering becoming pregnant. How should the nurse use research information to establish a plan of care?
Select all that apply.

Note: Credit will be given only if all correct choices and no incorrect choices are selected.

▸ Discourage the client from considering pregnancy.

▸ Make contact with the client frequently for monitoring.

▸ Alert the client that few women with diabetes are able to complete pregnancy without serious complications

▸ Teach the client about methods of maintaining tight glycemic control.

▸ Help the mother understand the need to loosen restrictions on carbohydrate consumption while pregnant.
An airplane is flying in the direction 50° west of north at 817 km/hr. Find the component form of the velocity of the airplane, assuming that the positive x-axis represents due east and the positive y-axis represents due north.

The teacher calmly said, "I was a little afraid when I heard that loud noise." Which of the following has she done to model responsible emotional management?

▸ specifically identified her emotion

▸ acknowledged her emotion

▸ ranted about her emotion

▸ specifically identified her emotion and acknowledged her emotion

▸ none of these
Jon observed his father break off a hunk of bread and share it with a friend at dinner. The next day at school, Jon tore off a piece of his sandwich and shared it with a friend. He has engaged in:

▸ mediating an experience

▸ explanatory imitation

▸ deferred imitation

▸ mediating an experience and deferred imitation

▸ explanatory imitation and deferred imitation
Divorce has the most negative impacts on children in which of the following types of family situations?

▸ high-income families

▸ low-conflict families

▸ high-conflict families

▸ coparenting families
When connecting a VLAN to a WLAN, which interface is used?

▸ Management interface

▸ Virtual interface

▸ Service port interface

▸ Dynamic interface
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