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According to Super, a drive that is basic to the development of career exploration in children is
  a. aggression.
  b. curiosity.
  c. self-actualization.
  d. self-efficacy.

Q. 2

_______ out of five therapists report feeling sexual attraction to at least one client.
  Fill in the blank(s) with correct word

Q. 3

Hate crimes against Arab Americans increased 52 in the United States after
  a. El Asira
  b. Ramadan
  c. The bombing of the World Trade Center in 2001
  d. The Wannsee Conference

Q. 4

The concept of developmental change throughout life is associated with one of these theories.
  a. Holland's theory
  b. Myers-Briggs type theory
  c. Super's developmental theory
  d. work adjustment theory

Q. 5

When a mental health professional is engaged in multiple types of relationships with the same patient, this is considered an example of a _______ relationship.
  Fill in the blank(s) with correct word

Q. 6

The number of Jews killed by Nazis in World War II is
  a. About half a million
  b. Close to 6 million
  c. Close to 3 million
  d. Close to 1 million

Q. 7

Before meeting with his next client, Dimitri tries to clear his mind of his last client and stop thinking about the work he has to do at home that night. This is called:
  A. Physical attending
   B. Psychological attending
   C. Flexible attending
   D. Posture of attention

Q. 8

Which of the following theories emphasizes a subjective rather than external view of the self?
  a. Holland's theory
  b. social learning theory
  c. Super's developmental theory
  d. work adjustment theory
The less oppressive Netherlands attracted this great French thinker to live there:
  a. Hegel
 b. Hume
 c. Kant
 d. Descartes
Define self-talk and visualization. How are they different from each other?
  What will be an ideal response?
Which of the following is NOT part of vocal variety?
  A.) rate
  B.) pitch
  C.) quality
  D.) emotion
  E.) volume
4 years ago in History (Humanities)
Who embraced a get tough with Russia policy in the first few years after World War II?
  a. Douglas MacArthur
  b. Joseph McCarthy
  c. Harry Truman
  d. Henry Wallace
  e. George Marshall
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