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Mindset - Active Study Verses Passive Study
Math, science, and engineering courses are not simply about what you understand but also what you can do. You need to know enough to solve quickly for your exams. These are "doing" subjects!
  Pro Study Tip #1
  • It's okay to struggle. Mathematical based subjects can be difficult and frustrating at times. It is part of the learning process so keep a positive attitude and don't quit until you figure it out.
Our How-To Tip
  • Communicate your frustration with a problem when entering a question on the Answer Board. You are not alone. Our members and experts face similar situations and will support you.
  Pro Study Tip #2
  • Figure out what you know and don't know. Be honest with yourself about your knowledge and problem solving skills. Understanding a topic does not mean you will be able to solve problems involving that topic. Spend more time solving problems.
Our How-To Tip
  • Try unassigned problems from your textbook and use our step-by-steps solutions afterwards as needed.
  • Search the Answer Board for questions related to your textbook. Practice more by helping other members.
  Pro Study Tip #3
  • Attend class regularly. Math, science and engineering courses are cumulative where one topic builds on another. Don't fall behind! Instructors also tend to formulate test questions based on material and examples covered in class.
Our How-To Tip
  • Review lecture notes when you've missed class.
  • Be clear on topics by asking questions on the Answer Board.
  Pro Study Tip #4
  • Ask questions in class. There are usually other students wanting to know the answer to same questions you have. Ask questions during office hours. Your instructor will be pleased to see you.
Our How-To Tip
  • Ask a question 24/7 on any subject related topic on the Answer Board. Time constraints or being shy can no longer be a valid excuse.
  • Ask more questions per day instantly as a premium member.
  Pro Study Tip #5
  • Join or form a study group to ask questions, talk aloud and test new knowledge. Explaining to others is an excellent way to reinforce new concepts. Build confidence and motivation by studying with others.
Our How-To Tip
  • Answer questions on the Answer Board if an on-campus study group is not for you. Study with students from other schools, states and countries.
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