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Help raise your child’s grades... without hiring a private tutor is a free and effective alternative to tutoring. With experts and knowledgeable community members available 24/7, we leverage the popularity of online social networks to boost your child’s understanding and grades. And don’t forget, you can brush up on your own knowledge anonymously as well.
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Sometimes answers in the back of the book just aren’t enough. Read our step-by-step solutions to actually understand how to solve the problems. And, unlike a solution manual, if you don’t understand the demonstrated steps, you can ask our community for clarification.
Expert help at any time, day or night.
Ask or answer questions on the Biology Forums - Study Force Q&A Board to understand difficult problems and stop getting stuck at the same place. The Q&A Board is moderated by experts and, unlike teachers, you can ask them questions at night, too.
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Our exit surveys continually prove the worth of’s resources. 91 percent of members said Biology Forums - Study Force helped them keep the grade they desired, while 60 percent said using Biology Forums - Study Force improved their grade above what they had expected.
A safe, confidence-building online experience
With the ability to remain anonymous, students no longer have to worry about asking "dumb" questions or seeking too much help. As a parent, you can learn anonymously and at your own pace as well. Additionally, our team of moderators works around the clock to ensure the safety of all members. As a McAfee and SSL-secured site, your child's personal information is completely safe with us.
Post your homework questions and get free online help from our incredible volunteers.
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