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Posted by bio_man   August 9, 2017   1006 views

Recently it seems like everywhere you turn there is some reminder telling you to go green. But have you changed your ways? Has your school?

These are green times. The radio informs you about the cash-saving, environment-saving wonders of the Prius or Civic. The TV lets you watch those squiggly light bulbs tell you that switching to environmentally friendly light bulbs is like taking thousands of cars off the road. Man, if only change were always this easy.

I don't know about you, but I've seen the "quick green fix" thousands of times—and no offense, but personally I'd rather get back to Grey's.

Don't get me wrong, going green is something everyone should do, even if it's just a small conservation gesture here and there. But this hubbub makes me wonder—with all these reminders about going green, do you and the people you know actually do anything to help the cause?

Advocates of green living sure make you think that your friends all just hopped off a Greenpeace boat. You don't live green? You must still use VHS, too.

I have a few friends that are recycling enthusiasts (never use plastic bags, separate bottles from trash, refuse to get into an SUV), but the rest? Well, let's just say they love their big Suburbans and definitely couldn't tell you what the three Rs stand for (reduce, reuse, recycle, baby!).

But all shtick and sarcasm aside, there are little things we can do to live a greener life. With the new school year right around the corner, several sites are helping us out:

At you can greenify yourself for the new year with EcoWriter pencils and "Simple Shoes."

At you can buy… green apple school supplies. Looks like the green craze has even caused some identity crises.

So, go on – walk to your friend's apartment instead. Pick up some empty plastic bottles on the way and toss them into the recycling bin. And if you're really ambitious, buy school supplies made from recycled materials. A small amount of effort is worth staving off Al Gore for a little while longer.

Does your school take any measures to be green? Would you pay extra for green school supplies? What are some simple tips you have for the rest of us to do our part?

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