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Posted by bio_man   September 21, 2017   1623 views

Tuition and textbook prices are still rising, but there are tactics out there to keep the educational bill low.

In today's less-than-ideal economy, college students aren't likely the immediate sufferers of crumbling stock, but the trickle-down effect is surely tightening your budgets.

You won't catch a break with tuition – as state budgets get tighter, public universities will receive less funding which leaves them little choice in the matter. Textbook companies won't find the answer in slashing prices, either.

What will be sacrificed in the educational space are supplemental resources such as one-on-one tutoring, private test-prep courses and classroom materials like solutions manuals.

For the cash-strapped student (aren't we all?) cost-effective alternatives are still out there.

Here are some tips for staying afloat. Drum roll please…

1. Go to the Library

Remember that big building that was pointed out during your campus tour? Try going inside. You'll likely find free internet access, copies of course textbooks and a warm place to study. Talk to the librarian, and you may discover that your library has access to online resources such as encyclopedias and newspapers – resources that don't always come free.

2. Find the Freebies

Plenty of Web sites provide access to their resources at no cost. You've already found, so you're on the right track.  Searching for tips, coupons, and freebies? Try bargainist or Groupon.

3. Go to Class

You're paying for it! And in a tough economy, it's important to be a competitive candidate when you graduate and seek employment. I know, I know, the snooze button is calling your name. But going to class will pay off. I promise.

4. Connect to Classmates

…and share your lecture notes! Our website has a full-featured resource library that allow students to view and share class notes. Use our friendly chat to find your classmates who're in the same boat. Textbook prices can be outrageous, so find some friends, split the cost and share the book. As a bonus, you've found yourself an instant study group amid the book-sharers.

5. Go Green

Haven't you already? In times when financial security is no longer a given, it's important to take a step back and make sure you are doing what you can to eliminate waste and save money. Carpool or walk to class, print on both sides of paper, and turn your light off when you leave your dorm or apartment. Small changes make big differences.
Have you felt the effects of our current economy? Do you have an awesome money-saving tip? Share your wealth (of knowledge, that is).

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