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Posted by bio_man   September 27, 2019   1213 views

Regardless of your size, men and women, big or small, all pee at the same average rate — between 1/3 and ½ ounces per second (10 ml to 15 ml per second). Since the mean urine quantity ranges between 1 to 2 quarts a day (1.4 L, on average), we are condemned to spend one to two full minutes peeing daily.

The average lifespan in the United States today is 27,375 days. If we multiplying 27,375 days by 2 minutes per day peeing, that's 54,750 minutes, or 912.5 hours of your lifetime urinating. That also translates into roughly 38 days of your lifetime!

Facts Urine Pee
Posted in Interesting Facts
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