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Subject Comments Views Author Date Written
An essential bone lost
view preview
0 12980 duddy 3 months ago
Bullying is an effective evolutionary strategy
view preview
0 2412 duddy 6 months ago
When apes sue humans
view preview
0 15179 duddy A year ago
Grapes are beautiful
view preview
1 16316 duddy A year ago
It's no wonder male orguntans have big cheeks
view preview
1 6726 duddy A year ago
Reaction of a baby gorilla and a human baby to the cold stethoscope
view preview
1 9504 duddy 2 years ago
Female baboons with 'boyfriends' live three years longer
view preview
0 3914 duddy 2 years ago
How apes go fishing
view preview
0 2670 duddy 3 years ago
Can anyone whisper, evolution?
view preview
1 2633 duddy 3 years ago
First non-human to use sign language
view preview
0 2724 savio 3 years ago
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