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Subject Comments Views Author Date Written
An essential bone lost
view preview
0 12980 duddy 3 months ago
When apes sue humans
view preview
0 15179 duddy A year ago
See how your puny human lifespan compares
view preview
0 21087 duddy A year ago
How ocean creatures size up to humans
view preview
0 16789 duddy 2 years ago
You may think you know yourself, but this video will change everything
view preview
0 9533 duddy 2 years ago
Tibetan carry a 'super athlete' gene from an ancient species of human
view preview
0 6045 duddy 2 years ago
Mesolithic man
view preview
1 4321 duddy 3 years ago
Smallest bone in the body
view preview
0 4915 savio 3 years ago
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