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Posted by bio_man   April 21, 2017   88 views

Gotta love stop days.

Including the preceding or ensuing weekend, stop days give every college student a chance to catch his or her breath and relax for at least a few days before final exams begin.

But just like normal school days, in which you are often scrambling to complete ten different activities while still finding time to study, there is an art to maximizing your stop days.

So without further ado, here are five suggestions to keep in mind as you near those glorious few open dates on the calendar.

1. Don't study for at least two days. This one is self explanatory. You miss out on the whole idea of stop days if you plow through them buried in a textbook. Don't worry – you'll still have time to get your required amount of studying in bef [ ... ]
weekend exercise books sleep study
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Posted by bio_man   April 12, 2017   183 views

Some students go to great – and often curious – lengths to maximize their studying time before finals.

After countless semesters and multiple rounds of rounds of finals, I'm confident I've seen it all when it comes to crazy, odd or just plain absurd study methods.

Well, almost all.

I'm sure some of you fellow Biology Forums members out there have some interesting stories.

There was the kid across the hall freshman year who Aderol'ed himself into a 36-hour sleepless stupor. Don't take Aderol… just don't.

Then there's the classic (and much more popular) I'm-going-to-go-to-sleep-at-4-and-wake-up-at-5 method that is meant to secure some semblance of sanity.

There are the library residents, the library frequenters, the casual library users and the kid [ ... ]
finals all-nigher studying sleepless studying drugs memorize tips
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Posted by bio_man   April 7, 2017   202 views

Before the test you can study alone or in a group – which option is the way to go?

Everybody has their preferred method of studying. Some are a.m. studiers, some are more nocturnal. Some power through with no nourishment, others make their desk look like the dinner table at a Bavarian holiday party. But no matter when, where or how, studying can always be broken down into a dichotomy: studying in a group or studying alone.

Study groups pool the brainpower of several classmates. Granted, this pool might only amount to slightly more knowledge than you possess yourself, but at other times the pool can be akin to the Mensa JV team. That's why you should always hedge your bets with a decent amount of self-studying. Knowing a bit about the material [ ... ]
groups studying study tips last minute all-nighter
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Study in a group is a convincing way of learning as it stimulates interest and increases confidence. By group studying you can learn and can exchange the thoughts with other members. However, group study should not exceed more than 4 people otherwise it cause distraction.  Study groups can be very effective as long as everyone in the group is truly focused and not there just for the social atmosphere.
Posted on Apr 20, 2017 by cloveb
The most successful study group I ever had was with two people.

Two's company, three's a crowd.
Posted on Apr 21, 2017 by bio_man
Posted by bio_man   March 29, 2017   279 views

Why practice tests should be the first and last step in the studying process.

I'm sure you've all seen the bumper stickers or posters that read, "I'd rather be fishing." If I were to stick one of these on my car I'd supplant fishing with coding. You might choose "singing," "eating" or "grooming my chia pet." Regardless of what activity you'd rather be doing, it's pretty safe to say that activity isn't studying.

Whether or not you consciously ask yourself before hitting the books, the paramount question when studying is "How can I maximize the time I spend doing this?" Or, in other words, it's all about efficiency, baby.

In my humble opinion it all starts and ends with the practice test. When you sit down to study, you have a good idea of where [ ... ]
studying efficiency practice notes steps
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Easier said than done.

Practice requires drive and persistence. Not everyone has these characters.
Posted on Mar 29, 2017 by fiero86
I agree with this article. Fire086, You're right about it's easier said than it's done but nothing is impossible. It's just a matter of time and in order to be successful in life you must have drive and presistance. school is a good place to build the one skills and I think every student has drive and precistnace that's why they are in school.
Posted on Mar 29, 2017 by cloveb
Nice Upwards Arrow
Posted on Mar 30, 2017 by bio_man
Posted by bio_man   March 27, 2017   271 views

Can listening to music while studying make you more productive?

I think one of the most underappreciated joys of college living is the exposure to your neighbors' music tastes. Never having met the two guys living below you, there's a good chance you could still create a fairly accurate profile of them after listening to their… diverse collection of Skrillex, Ace of Base, Lou Bega, and Lil Wayne.

I've lived with people who study to Broadway show tunes, Disney classics and Kelly Clarkson ballads. I'm not kidding. I've also lived with people who study in complete silence with nothing but a dim desk lamp to remind them of civilization.

There are myriad studies out there on the benefits of listening to music at different times. It calms nerves. It [ ... ]
tips music studying effective studying distractions
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