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Posted by bio_man   March 24, 2017   20 views

How to "fight the fade" during terribly boring lectures.

One minute your eyes are locked-in on your professor and you are taking notes. The next minute, your hand is slowing as your eyelids are being forced down involuntarily. The next minute, your head is making its way backward, ready to bottom out on the notebook of the kid behind you. Suddenly your slumberous motion startles you awake and you are primed to repeat the process.

Easy to describe because we've all done it before… and seen it done by the kid next to us countless times more.

So how to avoid this most common of classroom fates?

The key is to keep yourself involved somehow in the lecture. Taking notes doesn't qualify because you are simply regurgitating information instead of activ [ ... ]
bored fade professor fatigue strategy zoning out lectures
Posted in Classroom Strategies
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Posted by bio_man   March 21, 2017   68 views

You've all experienced the 30-minute test problem. How to tackle it?

With all due respect to essay questions, math, science and engineering students can't tip-toe their way around answers. Test questions are most often multiple choice or free response… and don't let the "free" fool you – there is only one correct answer.

Besides "That test sucked," the most common complaint I've heard exiting the myriad math-based tests I've taken over the years is, "You know that long problem at the end? I didn't even know where to start. SO unfair."

I think what's really unfair is that person's right to use the same language as the rest of us… but I digress.

Truth be told, it's safe to say we've all had our trying times with lengthy, intricate word problems w [ ... ]
tests tips advice problems math science
Posted in Tackling the test
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Very good tips. Thank you
Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by cloveb
Posted by bio_man   March 21, 2017   66 views

The length that some students go to make up for lost class time is befuddling.

It's often said that when creating a business plan, if you understand the people you'll be catering to and are really in tune with their tendencies and preferences, marketing your service or product will be a piece of cake.

In my opinion, there's no better example of this than "Review Session Gurus," as I like to call them. There are guys that previously attended my university who make an inordinate amount of money by helping under-prepared college students cram for exams.

Their service isn't anything special; in essence, they teach the testable material in a condensed form, provide their own notes and practice test and shoo students out the door to prepare for thei [ ... ]
school class time money lectures
Posted in College know-how
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Posted by bio_man   March 15, 2017   127 views

Laptops are increasingly popular in the classroom, but are they best for taking notes?

Alright, so here’s a topic that I admittedly don’t have much to contribute to: Is it better to take notes the old fashioned way (in a notebook) or is it better to take notes on an electronic device like a tablet or laptop?

For the purposes of the classes I took in my freshman year, a laptop was great. I type four times as fast on a laptop as I can write on paper. Being a freshman I also thought it necessary to take an exorbitant amount of notes to cover my bases. Thus, laptop note taking was the way to go.

But, alas, as I returned for my sophomore year, my laptop’s battery life was a whopping 48 minutes. That gets me through half of a class if I’m lucky [ ... ]
note-taking laptops
Posted in Classroom Strategies
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Posted by bio_man   February 21, 2017   329 views
Why attending class is the simplest step toward getting the grade you desire.

I was giving a tour around campus to a class of elementary schoolers last week as a "first exposure to college." Surprisingly it was a real fun tour to give… astronomically better than touring around a grossly disinterested middle school group.

I'm still smirking about the point in the tour when the kids realized attending class wasn't mandatory. You would have thought five UFOs just did a fly-over, Blue Angels style. At that point, their teacher made sure I reiterated why going to class was important.

It never gets old listening to classmates brag about their abysmal attendance record. I still can't think of an "accomplishment" that requires less action than missing [ ... ]
Posted in Classroom Strategies
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