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Posted by bio_man   February 18, 2017   40 views

If students use resources like Biology Forums - Master Your Courses to cheat, they will strike out under pressure.

Everyone's out to get you nowadays. No matter if you've never glimpsed at an adjacent test in your life – you have a pencil, a test and a chair, so that means you're a target.

With professors, TAs and even cameras hawking you like your Barry Bonds with a wood and lead-disguised needle, you have to wonder what all the fuss is about.

Of course cheating is bad and unethical, but who is it really hurting?

As a professor, you might feel your time spent preparing the class is devalued; as a student victim, you might feel your hard work is being ripped off by a free-rider; but as the cheater, you miss out on the whole point of being in sc [ ... ]
Academic integrity cheating quiz homework grade
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Posted by bio_man   February 14, 2017   41 views

How to approach the night before an important test

When I think about how different people approach the night before a big test, I imagine a commercial with multiple big red buttons (like the Staples "EASY" button) on a desk in front of a perspiring student.

Several will hit "PANIC;" other, less anxious souls will hit "GET HELP;" some well-known bookworms might slam "PARTY;" and there's always that one tender-loving student who will hit, "CRY."

Is it just me or do you also get tired of the seemingly endless number of fellow students who gripe and moan in increasing amounts about their "huge test" coming up because after griping and moaning the previous day they didn't do anything about it that night?

I mean, God forbid these people actually [ ... ]
test taking notes SAT ACT high school preparation
Posted in Exam preparation
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Posted by Biology-Forums   February 12, 2017   109 views

The benefits of reviewing material just before you go to sleep

Studying. With the amount of hours logged by college students doing just that, studying, you'd think it was a favorite pastime. In reality, if there is any way to decrease the time we spend hovering over textbooks and in front of computer screens, we’ll do it.

In fact, it's my belief that this dilemma is the true origin of cheating. Think about it: how many times have you laughed (on the inside, of course) at the kid who is trying to scope out his neighbor's answers on a 5-point quiz that feels as if it was pulled from an episode of, "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?"

So why do they even bother? They loathe studying, that's why. And while the large majority of us don't go to [ ... ]
studying high school quiz tips Effective studying Exam prep Time savers
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Posted by Biology-Forums   January 31, 2017   119 views

Friends want your help, but the class is curved. What to do?

Ah, the dreaded class curve. Can't live with it, can't live without it. Typically, for math, science and engineering courses, exams are difficult. If no one in the class scores above an 80 percent, it'd be terrible for the professor to assign grades straight up. Curves aren't only meant to protect against grade inflation – they also provide a more realistic grading scale.

I've sat on many student panels as wide-eyed youngsters ask about the vaunted college course load. Without a doubt there will be at least one question pertaining to "the curve" at every session.

I'll usually tell them a curve is necessary for student survival, throw in my story about the 34 percent average and be [ ... ]
Posted in Tackling the test
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Posted by Biology-Forums   January 28, 2017   212 views

Why studying for large chunks of time can be counter-productive

We’ve all had those days where no matter what good fortune comes our way in the morning or afternoon, we still walk around with a slight furrow in our brow knowing that a night chock-full of homework and studying awaits. It’s like a Utah Jazz fan watching the wildly entertaining 1997 NBA Finals on ESPN Classic – he or she might enjoy it for awhile, but in the back of their mind they know the Michael Jordan buzz saw is coming to ruin their hopes and dreams. (Too young to remember? That's fine, you get the point...)

Alright, so maybe Michael Jordan draining threes isn’t exactly the same as laboring through endless schoolwork. I have an attachment to sports analogies so bear with [ ... ]
All nighter brain
Posted in Effective studying
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