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Posted by bio_man   November 11, 2018   31 views
At a college basketball game with only 25 seconds left, the home team, which is behind by 1 point, steals the ball and calls time-out. As the home team's band director gets ready to play part of the school's fight song to get the fans fired up behind the team, she gets a message over her headset telling her that there is one more commercial to do before the game ends. As the scoreboard flashes the name of a local bank, the gym's 110-decibel sound system blares out a prerecorded voice describing the bank's low interest rate loans and top-notch customer service. The commercial then ends just before the play begins.

Across the nation, college athletic departments have found that they can charge up to $15,000 per minute to advertisers for a com [ ... ]

College Bands College Sports
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Posted by bio_man   November 9, 2018   52 views
If you're planning on buying your loved one a gift during the Christmas holiday, this may interest you.

At Christmas and birthdays, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents give gifts to their college-aged loved ones. Joel Waldfogel, an economist at Yale University, surveyed several thousand college students after Christmas to find out the value of holiday gifts as perceived by the students. He found that technology and outerwear (coats and jackets) had a perceived value about equal to their actual cash value. By the time he got down to socks, underwear, and cosmetics, the students’ evaluation was only about 85 percent of the cash value of the gift.

Now knowing this information may prompt you to believe that substituting physical gifts with [ ... ]

gifts dorms holidays parents
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Posted by bio_man   November 2, 2018   330 views
What is the cost of going to college?

The obvious costs are the costs of tuition, fees, and textbooks. These costs do not include your typical living expenses, such as food costs or living space because these costs will be incurred no matter what you do – go to work or go to school. The biggest cost of going to college is forgone income. This is to say that going to college usually means sacrificing a full-time salary. In the case of a typical 18-year-old, the opportunity cost of going to college may be $15,000 to $20,000 per year. The cost to a pop country singer such as Taylor Swift would have been nearly $60 million this year. For Justin Bieber, it would have been $55 million. For the successful musician, actor, or model, the old saying " [ ... ]

forgone income forgone education
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Posted by bio_man   October 14, 2018   453 views

Most universities allow students to use university network printers in student labs when they are working on the university network as part of their tuition or computer use or technology fees charged to students when they register for classes. The average school spends several thousand dollars per month for this service. This service is expensive because students print personal jobs unrelated to academics, such as downloads from entertainment Web sites and photos of friends and family. 

Winthrop University in South Carolina decided to charge students a $10 printing fee that allows them to print 250 pages per semester on University network printers. After that, the students are charged $0.04 for each additional page that they print. As a resu [ ... ]

Printing School Policy Services
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Posted by bio_man   October 14, 2018   447 views

Out-of-pocket tuition rates for any two college students can differ by considerable amounts even if the students happen to major in the same subjects and enroll in many of the same courses. The reason is called tuition discounting in the university world. Colleges and universities offer students diverse financial aid packages depending on their financial need.

To document their financial need, students must provide detailed information about family income and wealth. The information helps financial aid officers determine what different families are most likely to be willing and able to pay, so that the university can engage in price discrimination. Basically, lower income families are either unwilling or unable to pay a higher price and thus [ ... ]

Tuition discounting Economics
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