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Posted by bio_man   August 9, 2017   144 views

Recently it seems like everywhere you turn there is some reminder telling you to go green. But have you changed your ways? Has your school?

These are green times. The radio informs you about the cash-saving, environment-saving wonders of the Prius or Civic. The TV lets you watch those squiggly light bulbs tell you that switching to environmentally friendly light bulbs is like taking thousands of cars off the road. Man, if only change were always this easy.

I don't know about you, but I've seen the "quick green fix" thousands of times—and no offense, but personally I'd rather get back to Grey's.

Don't get me wrong, going green is something everyone should do, even if it's just a small conservation gesture here and there. But this hubbub makes m [ ... ]
going green ecofriendly College know-how High school know-how environment
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Posted by bio_man   July 18, 2017   343 views

It's that time of year again – the time when many of us watch our summer savings dwindle away... all for overpriced, underused textbooks. Follow these tips to smarter shopping, however, and you can walk away a winner.

A wise man once told me that girlfriends are expensive. I asked him whether he'd ever met my textbook.

"This 300-page beaut," I said, "costs 200 dollars."

Suddenly a date to the local movie theatre or ice cream shop didn't carry the same weight. I felt like I'd shattered a world view.

Textbooks stare inflation in the face and never blink. And unlike with most college "expenses," students often feel they don't have a say in the matter.

But a movement is starting – albeit very slowly – to lighten the load on students' wallets ev [ ... ]
renting books textbooks online buying books student trends
Posted in Miscellaneous tips
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1. Get the course outline and start looking for the required books.
2. Check the chapters that will be covered during the semester.
3. Check online for electronic copy, if there an electronic copy or PDF copy then photocopy the textbook which roughly can cost between $40 - $80 only.
4. if there is no electronic or PDF copy online then check or
5. Sell the books when the semester is finished!
Posted on Jul 25, 2017 by ChemScience
Posted by bio_man   July 18, 2017   349 views

Some schools are phasing out Advanced Placement classes in favor of crafting their own curriculums, not centered on the A.P. test.

Rewind 10 years. With seconds to spare, I've scooted into my first class of the day just before the morning bell. A.P. English Literature. It was one of my favorite classes. It was hard, but I actually felt like I was learning and retaining information (all of which, surely, has been forgotten, hence the poorly written blog you're resting your eyes upon).

And then came the A.P. exam. I don't remember my score, but I do remember the ulcer that was developing in my stomach. Thinking my college acceptance hinged on the test result, I studied relentlessly and stressed constantly.

And therein lies the problem that many [ ... ]
advanced placement ap classes graduation college acceptance student trends tackling the test
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Posted by bio_man   July 17, 2017   307 views

For most of us, finals are over and the term is complete. Yet, our textbooks still remain. Oh, the possibilities...
Every year at about this time, college students are confronted with a stifling dilemma. It's emotional, rational, fiscal and universal all rolled into one. On your desk, in your backpack, or for some of you in your closet or under you bed, you have hundreds of dollars of textbooks that you bought just a few months ago.

And now that the term is over, you have a decision to make. The university buyback window is always open but never consistent. Plus, do you really expect to get prime dollar for your books in this economy?

The Web is full of sites on which you can sell your books to the highest bidder. As many of you know, howeve [ ... ]
textbooks selling old books solutions miscellaneous tips
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Posted by bio_man   July 12, 2017   359 views

Taking online classes is awesome because you're in control. But the question remains: Can you control the distractions?

In the United States, nearly one-sixth of the 3.2 million students who are enrolled at a higher education institution took least one online class last fall. With gas prices hurting students' wallets, and schools saving money by virtue of needing less space and professors, it's no wonder that more and more students are learning electronically. I'm trying out the new online kick one class at a time this summer and this fall.

Of course, there are plenty of students who probably choose to sign up in order to have a flexible school schedule so they can work or be more involved in other activities. But then again, they may just ha [ ... ]
online courses e-learning scheduling timing summer school courses College know-how
Posted in Effective studying
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