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Posted by bio_man   June 8, 2017   173 views

Millions of new high school graduates will soon be heading to college. Here are five tips for the summer ahead.
Cue the Pomp and Circumstance.

For most high school seniors, it's that time of year – the time when funny hats are thrown into the air to signal the end of sheltered bubbles and parental control, and the beginning of the path to expanded horizons.

But if you were like me, the standard graduation song that everyone hears takes a back seat to your soon-to-be fight song that makes you distinct.

Before you can step foot onto the college campus of your choice, however, you must spend three months in educational limbo. Sure, you'll be working, possibly taking a summer class or two and enjoying your weekends (be careful, kids), but through [ ... ]
college freshman advice facebook money university school history graduation College know-how Miscellaneous tips
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Posted by bio_man   May 24, 2017   298 views
School and summer don't mix.

In fact, thinking and summer don't really mix. Yet we don't want to return to school feeling like a lower-IQ version of Keanu Reeves. How to strike a balance?
I'm sure you've all had that feeling before: You bust out the first assignment of the new school year, you sit down and grab a pencil, you put that pencil to the paper and you... stare. Gaze. Daydream. Sniffle?
"Dude, how is this stuff even remotely difficult?" you say. "It was a piece of cake four months ago."
Yeah, then that whole summer thing got in the way. Funny how cruel overexposure to sunlight, fireworks, burnt hot dogs and fried Twinkies can be.
Four months off is enough time to forget a semester. Six months will erase a year. And as I found out l [ ... ]
summer brain memory boredom school calculus
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Posted by bio_man   May 20, 2017   413 views

For those of you who have summer school to go to, have no fear—you can still have some fun in the sun.

Ah, summer. A time for relaxation, going to the beach, taking vacations, maybe making some money here and there. Right?


For a select group of people, there is the dreaded summer school. What? School? During summer? Oh, yes.

Some people go to summer school to get more units (be ahead of the curve when it's time to register and all that). Other people go because, well, let's be honest, those few classes they missed ended up hurting their grade more than they thought.

So how do you save your summer from summer school? Lucky for you, we're here to help. Here are 5 fail-safe ways to enjoy your summer even if you are in school:

1. Give yourself [ ... ]
summer books friends study buddy trips breaks summer school classes
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Posted by bio_man   April 29, 2017   535 views

Why relying too heavily on practice tests can have an adverse effect on your actual test performance.

As I wrote in my last entry, taking practice tests is the best way to study. However, there is one major pitfall that all avid practice test takers must avoid; we'll call it the "one trick pony syndrome." The point of practice tests is to ensure that you can apply what you learned in class to paper, to ensure that you aren't the guy with a 50-inch vertical who can't make a shot to save his life.

The point is not to bond yourself to the practice test to the point where switching numbers will result in temporary brain paralysis.

Many students will run through the teacher-provided practice test five, ten or even twenty times as their only form of [ ... ]
practice test exam last minute practice performance exams midterms
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Posted by bio_man   April 21, 2017   614 views

Gotta love stop days.

Including the preceding or ensuing weekend, stop days give every college student a chance to catch his or her breath and relax for at least a few days before final exams begin.

But just like normal school days, in which you are often scrambling to complete ten different activities while still finding time to study, there is an art to maximizing your stop days.

So without further ado, here are five suggestions to keep in mind as you near those glorious few open dates on the calendar.

1. Don't study for at least two days. This one is self explanatory. You miss out on the whole idea of stop days if you plow through them buried in a textbook. Don't worry – you'll still have time to get your required amount of studying in bef [ ... ]
weekend exercise books sleep study
Posted in Exam preparation
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