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5 years ago
I've been taking the test, and I have the answers to all of them, but I'm not sure how to post them on here? Help me, so I can help you? lol   
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A positive result with the negative control would _______.
c. be a “false positive” and invalidate the results

Antibodies are produced by _______
c. plasma cells

How many patient samples were positive for Chlamydia?

The direct fluorescent antibody test for Chlamydia uses fluorescently labeled _______.
antibody to detect antigen in the patient sample
he fluid portion of the blood with the clotting factors removed is called _______.

The form of Chlamydia that divides inside the host cell is the _______.
a.   reticulate body

The washing steps are necessary to _______.
. reduce any nonspecific binding that may occur

Antigens with epitopes in common _______.
can have partial identity and can be identical

In the Ouchterlony technique, a precipitin line forms where _______.
a.   the ratio of antigen and antibodies is optimal
The antibodies used in this activity have been produced in _______.

What is the medium for diffusion in the Ouchterlony technique?

When two antigens have NO epitopes in common, their precipitin lines form _______.
an X

Which of the following describes the identity seen between human serum albumin and bovine serum albumin?
. partial identity

Which of the following describes the precipitin line formation between wells 2 and 3?
an arc
Which type of identity would you expect to see between human serum albumin and sheep serum albumin?
. partial identity

In both the direct and indirect ELISA, the substance that changes from colorless to colored in a positive result is the _______.

In the direct ELISA, _______.
both primary and secondary antibodies bind to the antigen

In the indirect ELISA, _______.
the secondary antibody binds to the constant region of the primary antibody

Possible reasons for an indeterminate test include _______.
all of the above

What result(s) would you expect if you had forgotten to add the developing buffer?
a “false negative” for the positive control and all of the patient samples would read negative

Which patient(s) tested positive for HIV?
patient C

Why might a patient infected with HIV initially test negative with the indirect ELISA?

The patient has not yet undergone seroconversion.

Within a class of antibodies, the _______.
a.   constant region has the same sequence of amino acids

After the proteins are separated by electrophoresis, the _______.
nitrocellulose membrane is treated with antibodies

In this activity, _______________ was used to detect a positive result.
. an indirect ELISA

The proteins separated on the nitrocellulose in this activity are _______.
. HIV antigens

The sample(s) from which of the following tested positive for reverse transcriptase?

he positive control

Western blotting _______.
is a serological technique

Which of the following is true?
The ELISA is easier to perform and less expensive than the Western blot

Which patient(s) tested positive for HIV?
patient C

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5 years ago
Thanks for the post!
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Tralalalala Slight Smile
5 years ago
pre and post quizzes answers
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5 years ago
Thank you for the information!!
5 years ago
I needed this. Thanks. Do you have Labs 13 and 14?
5 years ago
Thanks you guys and gals are lifesavers. Seriously!!!
5 years ago
thank you so much for the post it was a big help
5 years ago
Thanks i needed this too!
5 years ago
Thank you!
4 years ago
Thank you so much. Your a life saver...
4 years ago
Amazing! This is exactly what I needed!
4 years ago
Thank you!
4 years ago
I really needed this information. Thank you.
4 years ago
This is great. Thanks so much!
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