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Eranu Eranu
11 years ago
Lo guys

was wondering if anyone can give me some ideas how best to structure an essay comparing the structure and functioning of epithelia cells in the epidermis and of the small intestine ie a logical order. This is my weakest area ie essay writing so would appreciate any ideas.

Many thanks

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11 years ago
Hey Eranu,

First, have you done a search on the forum? Doesn't matter.

As you know, there are huge differences between the epidermis and the epithelia of the small intestines. One, the epidermis of the skin is the body's major barrier against an inhospitable environment. Thus, it doesn't absorb anything, but rather protects it from pathogens and germs. The sole function of the epithelial cells of the intestines is to absorb digested material.

To structure your essay successfully, you have to first have a stellar introduction. Make sure you clearly differentiate the difference between the two, namely their location and function. In the body of the essay, first paragraph, talk about have they form - this will get quite interesting, especially for the epidermis of the skin because the skin is composed of proliferating basal and differentiated suprabasal keratinocytes. The former proliferates, thus divides, while the latter becomes embedded with keratin protein - dead cells. The intestinal epithelia are constantly being replaced and are covered with mucosa, as opposed to keratin for protection. Spend two paragraphs on this tops. In each paragraph however, try to compare and contrast their functions.

Next, talk about the type of cells found in each. For instance, in skin, it is mainly squamous cells. Epithelial tissues come in three basic types: squamous, cuboidal and columnar. The cells of the basal layer of the epidermis (closest to the dermis) are cuboidal to columnar in shape. These cells are actively mitotic, producing new cells that get pushed upward into the overlying layers. As these cells are pushed up, they become flatter and longer (just as if you were to squash something), taking on the typical squamous shape. When the cells reach the top, they are sloughed off and replaced by cells from below. The dermis which underlies the epidermis is composed of a dense, irregular connective tissue. Here then you can contract with the cells of the microvili that make up the epithelia of the small intestines. You could also have figures to demonstrate the differences.

If you need further assistance, reply back.
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