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11 months ago
Sam is a 25-year-old college student. He works full time in addition to taking a full course load. He usually eats fast-food cheeseburgers and fries in his car for lunch and a take-out pepperoni pizza right before bed. Sam has noticed that he has put on some extra weight in the past few months, and his clothes are fitting very tight. He also has been experiencing severe heartburn several nights a week. Come up with some changes that Sam can make to his daily habits to help alleviate his heartburn.
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11 months ago
Heartburn is mainly caused by acidic foods. Fast food diets that include carbonated drinks contribute to this issue. If I were Sam, I've opt out of drinking carbonated drinks like pops, and replace them with simple beverages like water and the occasional orange or fruit juice. Water is pH neutral, so it will not contribute to this issue whereas some juices are naturally acidic.

Furthermore, I'd replace fatty meals such as burgers with leafy meals, such as salads, and order the ones without cheese. Also, I'd use light, non-creamy based dressings to enhance flavor. As for desserts, he should focus on raw fruits rather than pastries, because pastries contain trans-fat, and that'll lead to cholesterol and heart issues in the future.

Hope this helps
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