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5 years ago
1. In the toes of a patient with frost bite, cells are damaged beyond repair because the ice crystals destroy the structure of cells. A blood clot in a coronary artery damages cardiac muscle beyond repair because:
A. a mutation results in the cells becoming cancerous
B. nerve impulses are inferred with causing arythmia
C. the cells lack DNA excision repair enzymes to break down the clot
D. the cells no longer receive oxygen and nutrients.

I'm stuck between B and D on this, though I'm leaning towards B.

2. Four events that occur in both human asexual and sexual cell reproduction are represented by letters:
A. Centromeres divide
B. Cytokinesis occurs
C. Identical cells are produced
D. DNA is replicated
E. Haploid cells are produced
F. Spindle fibres form
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5 years ago
I figured out the second question to be BCDE. Just stuck on the first question still..
Staff Member
5 years ago
D. the cells no longer receive oxygen and nutrients.
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