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Angellady Angellady
5 years ago
Which of the following statements about the application of the death penalty is TRUE?
  a. The majority of people executed are black.
  b. Jurors in Washington State are more likely to recommend the death penalty for a white defendant than for a black defendant in a similar case.
  c. The primary reason that blacks are given the death penalty at higher rates than whites is because they commit more capital crimes.
  d. Those persons who kill whites are more likely to be sentenced to death than those who kill blacks.

A consumer society requires __________.
  a. ready access to banks for the vast majority of citizens
  b. a large percentage of the population to be under the age of 45
  c. a high birth rate
  d. a large middle and upper class with enough leisure time to enjoy the use of many goods and services that are not strictly necessary

Blacks use marijuana at a rate 1.3 times that of whites. However, blacks are arrested for marijuana possession at a rate of 3.7 times that of whites. This is evidence that __________.
  a. justice is blind
  b. any accused person is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law
  c. bail is a larger obstacle for whites than for blacks
  d. discrimination plays a role in who is arrested

The access of blacks to good jobs has often been impeded by discrimination against blacks in _______.
  a. government agencies
  b. the military
  c. education
  d. unions

Which of the following represent the most dangerous occupational categories?
  a. logging, fishing, aircraft piloting
  b. retail sales, education, and childcare
  c. farm work, construction, and health care
  d. health care, management, truck driving

Which of the following is TRUE with respect to occupational health and safety?
  a. The most dangerous occupational categories are usually held by women, and childcare worker tops the list.
  b. Proponents of occupational health have widened their focus to include illnesses as well as accidents.
  c. Nearly 1,200 fatal work injuries were recorded in the United States in 2013, which was higher than the fatal work injuries recorded in 2012
  d. The American labor movement did not make safety one of its top priorities.

In __________, a black or minority couple is sent to real estate agents and shown (or not shown) certain types of housing.
  Then a white couple is sent to the same agents and the results are compared; this process is repeated many times with different agents to determine whether a systematic pattern of discrimination exists. a. restrictive covenant research
  b. racial leasing research
  c. property avoidance research
  d. audit research

How do some employers circumvent the 1963 Equal Pay Act?
  a. Some employers hire only part-time workers.
  b. Some employers outsource jobs to other countries.
  c. Some employers give highly similar jobs a different title, classification, and pay scale.
  d. Some employers hire women of childbearing age in the hopes that they will quit when they have a baby.

Clarence and Jennifer plan to sell their home. There is an agreement among neighborhood homeowners not to sell their property to people who they designate as undesirable. This refers to a __________.
  a. restrictive covenant
  b. racial lease
  c. discriminatory clause
  d. property avoidance certificate

Since the recession, there has been a decline in good jobs, which usually refers to __________.
  a. jobs that pay more than minimum wage
  b. jobs that provide employer-sponsored retirement plans, health care benefits, paid sick leave, and paid holidays
  c. jobs that provide for the workers' occupational health and safety
  d. jobs that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has verified as using nondiscriminatory job practices
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Angellady Author
5 years ago
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