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What part of the eye changes diameter to regulate the amount of light entering the lens?
  A) ciliary body
  B) iris
  C) pupil
  D) lens

(Question 2) Which part of the eye is highly vascularized and contains melanin that absorbs light to prevent reflection?
  A) retina
  B) choroid
  C) iris
  D) sclera

(Question 3) The fibrous tunic consists of all of the following EXCEPT the ________.
  A) iris
  B) sclera
  C) cornea
  D) corneal limbus

(Question 4) All of the following are muscles that control movements of the eyeball EXCEPT the ________.
  A) orbicularis oculi
  B) superior rectus
  C) medial rectus
  D) inferior oblique

(Question 5) What structure drains tears into the nasal cavity?
  A) nasolacrimal duct
  B) lacrimal ducts
  C) lacrimal canals
  D) lacrimal puncta

(Question 6) Which muscles close the eyelids?
  A) orbicularis oris
  B) levator palpebrae superioris
  C) superior rectus
  D) lateral rectus

(Question 7) What structure distributes tears across the surface of the eye?
  A) palpebrae
  B) eyelashes
  C) ciliary glands
  D) lacrimal caruncle

(Question 8) What muscle raises the upper eyelid?
  A) lacrimal
  B) orbicularis oculi
  C) levator palpebrae superioris
  D) superior rectus muscle

(Question 9) Which structure CANNOT be seen by looking at someone's eye with an ophthalmoscope?
  A) optic chiasm
  B) macula lutea
  C) fovea
  D) optic disc

(Question 10) What is the blind spot in the eye?
  A) where more cones than rods are found
  B) where the optic nerve leaves the eye
  C) where the macula lutea is found
  D) where only rods occur
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A year ago
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1) C
A) The ciliary body is the place to which the iris attaches.
B) The iris is the colored portion of the eye.
D) The lens focuses the light coming into the eye.

- - -

2) B
A) The retina contains the photoreceptors for vision.
C) The iris is the colored portion of the eye.
D) The sclera is the white portion of the eye.

- - -

3) A
B) The sclera is part of the fibrous tunic.
C) The cornea is part of the fibrous tunic.
D) The corneal limbus is part of the fibrous tunic.

- - -

4) A
B) The superior rectus is a muscle that moves the eyeball.
C) The medial rectus is a muscle that moves the eyeball.
D) The inferior oblique is a muscle that moves the eyeball.

- - -

5) A
B) The lacrimal ducts deliver the tears to the anterior surface of the eye.
C) The lacrimal canals carry fluid to the nasolacrimal duct.
D) The lacrimal puncta brings tears to the lacrimal canals.

- - -

6) A
B) The levator palpebrae superioris opens the eyelids.
C) The superior rectus moves the eyeball.
D) The lateral rectus moves the eyeball.

- - -

7) A
B) The eyelashes protect the eye from dust and other foreign objects.
C) Ciliary glands keep the surface of the eye clean.
D) The lacrimal caruncle contains modified sweat and sebaceous glands.

- - -

8) C
A) The lacrimal apparatus does not open the eyelid.
B) The orbicularis oculi muscle closes the eyelids.
D) The superior rectus muscle does not open the eyelid.

- - -

9) A
B) The macula lutea can be seen with an ophthalmoscope.
C) The fovea can be seen with an ophthalmoscope.
D) The optic disc can be seen with an ophthalmoscope.

Exercise 29: Post-Lab Questions

- - -

10) B
A) The amount of rods and cones does not influence the blind spot.
C) The macula lutea is an area of high cone density.
D) The area where rods and cones are found does not affect the blind spot.
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