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The Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education report was significant for high schools because it represented a shift from
  a. college preparation to a comprehensive orientation.
  b. federal control to local control.
  c. noncertified to fully certified teachers.
  d. private to public funding for schools.

[Ques. 2] The Committee of Ten recommended that high-school programs emphasize
  a. classical literature.
  b. college preparation.
  c. mathematics and science.
  d. vocational education.

[Ques. 3] The change that opened the door to the high-school movement was
  a. improved professional training for secondary teachers.
  b. court rulings enabling tax support for public schools.
  c. mandates by the state department of education on the curriculum.
  d. the increased need for schooling due to westward expansion.

[Ques. 4] Normal schools were important for women because they
  a. included content related to domestic skills.
  b. offered courses at convenient times.
  c. provided opportunities for higher education.
  d. were staffed by women.

[Ques. 5] Which of the following pre-1800 ideas about education in America was most prominent in the educational reforms that accompanied the common school?
  a. Public education could provide religious instruction without violating the social and democratic purposes of public schools.
  b. Citizens at the local level should have most of the authority in the affairs of public schools.
  c. It was essential that those who controlled education be those best educated in the affairs of education.
  d. The most important task for public education was to ensure creation of the elite leadership that would make democratic government work.

[Ques. 6] New Yorks educational system found its roots in the Reformed Church of the __________ colonists.
  a. Irish
  b. English
  c. Swedish
  d. Dutch

[Ques. 7] The elementary school that was open to the children of all social and economic classes was the
  a. common school.
  b. Latin grammar school.
  c. normal school.
  d. town school.

[Ques. 8] The educational efforts of people such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Noah Webster most directly culminated in which of the following?
  a. the development of the common school by leaders such as Horace Mann during the nineteenth century
  b. the creation of normal schools for the preparation of teachers
  c. the establishment of the idea that all students should receive both elementary and secondary education
  d. the belief that public education in the United States was clearly superior to education in private schools

[Ques. 9] The hornbook was primary designed for children to memorize _____________________.
  a. the alphabet
  b. syllables
  c. words and sentences
  d. all of the above

[Ques. 10] Thomas Jefferson's Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge is an important benchmark in the history of public education because it
  a. was the first legislative attempt by a state to take over schools and use them for social, political, and economic purposes.
  b. represents the first time a national leader took the initiative to create a national system of public education.
  c. marked a transition in the broad purpose of schooling from religious instruction, as had existed in the colonial period, to public schools based on the needs of a democratic society.
  d. challenged the ability of the federal government to intervene in the affairs of public schools.
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