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123kduncan 123kduncan
5 years ago
You are going on a hiking trip in ten days and need some new boots. You order from online the boots in your usual shoe size although you have not bought shoes in this brand before. When the boots arrive, you discover that your usual shoe size in this brand shoe is too tight for your feet. You are angry because you must leave the next day for your trip. This is an example of:
  a. A value assumption
  b. A working assumption
  c. A warranted assumption
  d. A mistaken assumption

Ques. 2

You are up late the night before your paper is due, writing it in the midst of a big storm. You know that if your electricity should be knocked out, your computer would fail and you might lose some or all of your paper. You decide to transfer your paper to a thumb drive and also send what you have written thus far to your professor in an email attachment. This is an example of the use of:
  a. A hidden assumption
  b. A mistaken assumption
  c. A working assumption
  d. An unconscious assumption

Ques. 3

In California, a man held up a bank dressed in a Levi jacket and pants. He had a beard and his hair was in dreadlocks. He waved a hand grenade and pointed to some sticks of dynamite (actually road flares) that he had strapped to his waist. After leaving the bank he ran into a warehouse next door where he shed his wig, beard, the flares and clothing. Next he changed into a blue, pinstriped suit. Stopped by the police officer outside, he insisted, I'm not the one The police officer let him go. What assumptions did the robber count on in his strategy for an escape?
  a. That a man dressed like a rich banker could not be a thief.
  b. That dress disguises would not be used. c. That a bank robber would be desperate, poor, or an anarchist nut.
  d. All of these choices.

Ques. 4

In the opening cartoon for this chapter, what assumptions does the speaker make in this situation?
  a. That they are wrong.
  b. That he is right.
  c. All of the above
  d. The two people listening will not object.

Ques. 5

The following inference is a generalization:
  a. All little children are artists.
  b. My son taped his painting to the refrigerator.
  c. My nieces must have finger painted in the bathtub. d. My neighbor's son wants crayons for his birthday.

Ques. 6

The following is an interpretive statement:
  a. My two-year old draws on his Etch-a-Sketch many times a day.
  b. My two-year-old loves to draw.
  c. One picture shows a lot of circles at the top of the page with two long lines
  ending beneath each one. He calls the picture People.
  d. He brings home the drawings he made in preschool and shows them to me.

Ques. 7

The following is a descriptive statement:
  a. A stranger knocked on my door wearing a padded red ski jacket, a ski mask,
  and sunglasses. I felt scared. b. He wanted in from the cold. c. He was up to no good. d. He had been out skiing and was lost.

Ques. 8

What inference drawn from studying this poll seems most reasonable? How would you characterize global warming? A serious problem. 41. A crisis 25. Not a problem. 19. A minor problem 11. Don't know 3.
  a. None of these choices.
  b. All of the respondents believe global warming is human- caused
  c. Thirty percent represent the best- informed group.
  d. Sixty-six percent are liberal environmentalists.

Ques. 9

When we infer we imagine, reason, guess, surmise, speculate, estimate, predict, and conclude. One of these statements expresses both an inference and a prediction:
  a. Perhaps the reason that Queen Elizabeth never married was because she
  could never trust men. After all, her father, King Henry VIII, beheaded her
  b. The fingerprints on the windowsill could belong to the thief who broke into the
  c. When interest rates rise, the prices of bonds fall. Interest rates are rising.
  Therefore bond prices will fall.
  d. He is waiving to me. He seems friendly.
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5 years ago
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(Answer to Q. 1)  d

(Answer to Q. 2)  c

(Answer to Q. 3)  d

(Answer to Q. 4)  c

(Answer to Q. 5)  a

(Answer to Q. 6)  b

(Answer to Q. 7)  a

(Answer to Q. 8)  a

(Answer to Q. 9)  c

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123kduncan Author
5 years ago
Confirmed correct!
5 years ago
Cool, thanks for replying back
3 years ago
Thank you
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