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3 years ago
Reading newspapers, magazines, and books is a good strategy for developing a writing voice.
  a. True
  b. False
   Indicate whether the statement is true or false

Ques. 2

Textbooks are written with a more serious, academic voice than newspapers or magazines.
  a. True
  b. False
   Indicate whether the statement is true or false

Ques. 3

Football players who celebrate in the end zone may receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. ____________, basketball players who celebrate after making a shot may receive a technical foul.
  a. Similarly
  b. Likewise
  c. In the same way
  d. All of the above

Ques. 4

The West coast has not had regular rainfall for three years. __________, residents have been required to ration water.
  a. Besides
  b. In other words
  c. Consequently
  d. All of the above

Ques. 5

First, the competing chefs prepared their dishes. ________, the judges tasted each dish.
  a. Second
  b. Next
  c. Then
  d. All of the above

Ques. 6

Most snacks at movie theaters are not healthy. _______________, theater popcorn is very high in sodium and calories.
  a. In contrast
  b. For instance
  c. Nevertheless
  d. All of the above

Ques. 7

Which of the following is not a strategy for arranging the details?
  a. Make a quick list of key details arranged according to the pattern.
  b. Begin writing the essay and see if the details fall into place.
  c. Create an outline of key points and supporting details.
  d. Fill in a graphic organizer with supporting details.

Ques. 8

Which of the following steps can help identify an appropriate pattern of organization for an assignment?
  a. Study the assignment for suggestions about how to organize a response.
  b. Identify your main idea and how you might support it.
  c. Gather supporting details and consider how best to structure them.
  d. All of the above.
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3 years ago
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(Answer to Q. 1)  True

(Answer to Q. 2)  True

(Answer to Q. 3)  d

(Answer to Q. 4)  c

(Answer to Q. 5)  d

(Answer to Q. 6)  b

(Answer to Q. 7)  b

(Answer to Q. 8)  d

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